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I look at things in the world through a different kind of eyes.

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my favorite jeans

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well here is romeo captured in his favorite spot. he doesnt understand when i get ants in my feet. but he just looks to comfortable to move. he is a sweet boy, i love him so much. but there are days....
30th Sep 2007, 05:16   comments (4)

like a sheet of glass

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looker and i took calli to a new spot, where she could run free and just be a dog. this is a view from the tallest hill.i just had to capture the moment, all of us togeter. so very peaceful.
30th Sep 2007, 05:06   comments (2)


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this is snoopy, callis boyfriend of 4 and a half years. he jumped into the truck and wanted to go see her at home. but his mom was busy this day. maybe next time. poor guy.
7th Sep 2007, 08:18   comments (12)

callis cuz

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this is dora, my nieces dog. dora thinks calli is the coolest. she looks like an angel here but she can be quite fiesty. they both warm my heart.
7th Sep 2007, 08:15   comments (11)

blue bug

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well because of the whole back surgery this guy was not blending in to his surroundings of the weeds bigger than the trees. but he was nice enough to stop and pose.
7th Sep 2007, 07:55   comments (6)

a truckers lightsavers.

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this was taken driving by a truck stop on the way home and of course i had carauh with me {my canon} and i took this driving by in the parking lot. i was coming from a day of pic relaxing.
7th Sep 2007, 07:37   comments (0)


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these are both of our boys. when one is done playing, the other isnt. they are always fun to blog. very comical when they get togther. always in trouble.
28th Aug 2007, 06:41   comments (6)

after a wonderful rain

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23rd Aug 2007, 07:27   comments (8)