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I look at things in the world through a different kind of eyes.

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these guys are just plain nasty. they dont leave you alone. buzz,buzz, right back at you.
21st Oct 2007, 03:52   comments (4)

sweet freedom

(viewed 554 times)
this is my baby. she has never left me stranded. i have a real attachment to her.
21st Oct 2007, 03:51   comments (0)

sweet freedoms cab.

(viewed 613 times)
these pics were taken at night. isnt she awesome? ive had her for 16 years, she is a pioneer.
21st Oct 2007, 03:34   comments (2)

equal beauty

(viewed 605 times)
on the weekends looker and i like to take out the bug. i found the cactus with callis help, poor thing. and i call the other my helicopters. if you flip them in the air, they spiral down to the ground. resembeling a helicopter. just silly huh?
21st Oct 2007, 02:59   comments (2)

mirror image

(viewed 481 times)
i was down at a local park by the river and this is how i saw it first.
21st Oct 2007, 02:45   comments (1)

hidden danger

(viewed 544 times)
i was out at lookers folks and i could sure hear him, but not see him. until i looked through my cariuh.
21st Oct 2007, 02:36   comments (1)

wax job

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looker and i were out in the trees doing some weeding when i spotted this guy. i couldnt resist. that is just to cute. so i named him wax job. just me being silly agian. heehee.
21st Oct 2007, 02:28   comments (0)


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well after our walk to our special spot, looker and i desided calli needed a bath. so she was so tired she just plopped down and i snapped this at just the right time. just look at those ears. it makes me laugh every time i look at it. she slept late and was ready to go agian the next day.
30th Sep 2007, 05:27   comments (8)