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I look at things in the world through a different kind of eyes.

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this was after the four seasons. she was asleep for 1 hour, just like a light.
24th Mar 2008, 03:42   comments (0)


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i know ive posted a thousand pics of the gang. but he looked so proud and content laying on his couch. heehee.
24th Mar 2008, 03:39   comments (1)


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i really like the lighting in this shot. he couldnt be any more comfortable. i had to sleep on my side this night. because he had the rest of the bed. heehee.
24th Mar 2008, 03:37   comments (5)


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callie and i have been walking quite a bit. we found this road back in some trees. so i pulled my boots on and went back as far as we could. for as far as we could and then squished back. we were dirty to say the least. heehee.
24th Mar 2008, 03:35   comments (1)

river shot

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callie and i slopped threw the mud and it came out on the river. this shot was of the bank on the other side of the inlet we were quite excited that it lead to something so peaceful and serene.
24th Mar 2008, 03:34   comments (1)

frozen tunnel of doom

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i wouldnt like to be in there. brr. things here are really frosted over. but with any luck summer will be here before we know it.
7th Jan 2008, 08:28   comments (5)


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this is the first boy in our little family. i was working down stairs and he just couldnt figure out why i was not paying him any attention. you ever get the feeling your being watched?
7th Jan 2008, 03:02   comments (7)

thunder cloud

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this devolopment was not here a while ago. but i got a shot of this thunder cloud. it was incredible. it was the only cloud in the sky. wierd huh?
7th Dec 2007, 08:14   comments (7)