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The moblog of Katie Lee. This is the moblog I set up for an article I wrote for the Indy on Sunday. I liked it so much I decided to stay!

I'm co-founder of www.shinymedia.com, a lovely blog publishing type company.

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Jus chillin

(viewed 670 times)
Milo takes it easy on a saturday morning
4th Jul 2009, 09:40   comments (1)

Snails go wild

(viewed 637 times)
There are that many on every poker.
27th Jun 2009, 20:20   comments (0)

Snails eating red hot pokers

(viewed 1185 times)
They're devouring them in the rain.
27th Jun 2009, 20:19   comments (0)

Holiday recommendations from @booksellercrow

(viewed 488 times)
19th Jun 2009, 20:19   comments (0)

Sweet sweeties

(viewed 651 times)
How cute are these teddy bear sweeties!
30th May 2009, 13:26   comments (0)

Female entrepreneurs at Astia event

(viewed 582 times)
The odd rogue male has crept in too.
14th May 2009, 12:01   comments (0)

Milo's mentally unsound

(viewed 552 times)
He's been dying to get his whole body under the light. I think he's chilly today and the bulb is warming his crazy brains.
13th May 2009, 14:42   comments (1)

Fishy came back from the brink!

(viewed 870 times)
Much happier now he's not lying on his side at bottom of tank.
Swim bladder now functioning again.
8th May 2009, 13:11   comments (3)