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The moblog of Katie Lee. This is the moblog I set up for an article I wrote for the Indy on Sunday. I liked it so much I decided to stay!

I'm co-founder of www.shinymedia.com, a lovely blog publishing type company.

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One for ashley

(viewed 840 times)
22nd Jul 2005, 11:25   comments (0)

My freaky cat

(viewed 2347 times)
Haven't had a pic of him for a while. If jumped out of a first floor window the other day. He's a bit inbred see.
22nd Jul 2005, 11:24   comments (13)

Englishmen abroad.

(viewed 865 times)
Never a good look.
15th Jul 2005, 12:55   comments (4)

I'm loath to call it a mini break...

(viewed 953 times)
But that's what it is. south of france here i come! Yeeha!
15th Jul 2005, 12:32   comments (4)

Yoga then beer.

(viewed 1023 times)
It's the only way.
6th Jul 2005, 22:36   comments (0)

They keep me sane

(viewed 970 times)
Alone in the house all day...
6th Jul 2005, 16:14   comments (2)

I'm at the x-factor auditions

(viewed 2089 times)
Don't ask me why. It's crazy in here.
1st Jul 2005, 09:54   comments (23)

A pic before i wash it all off.

(viewed 1238 times)
30th Jun 2005, 14:38   comments (14)