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Hi there.
Welcome to my moblog, hopefully you should be able to view my efforts at antipodean amateur photography here.

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Celebrating the Diamond anniversary of the Sydney Harbour Bridge by walking along its ridiculous length
24th May 2007, 17:35   comments (0)

Opera house

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On Australia day.
23rd May 2007, 17:25   comments (0)

(Steve Irwin's) Australia Zoo

A few shots from our visit to the legendry Steve Irwin Zoo. The top croc is fake just in case you were worried, but based on the real dimensions of a hopefully dead monster.

After we'd left and were driving north we passed this this sign for wild horses at night, and about 3 seconds later 2 wild brumbies gallopped across the road just in front of our car! Tested the brakes nicely - and as if we hadn't seen enough dangerous animals that day!
7th Mar 2007, 02:24   comments (11)


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As there was a tropical cyclone during our weeklong trip, our boat trip was cancelled (also the airport closed and roads washed out!). But after a couple of days the rains eased up and we decided to go on another sailing trip. It was hard work mind, with rough seas, a proper 45' tilt to the boat in full sail and quite the smallest and uncomfiest bunks i've ever slept on.

Still the sights were amazing as was the snorkling and the crew and people were cool so it was all worth it, and we did occasionally see the sun.
7th Mar 2007, 02:22   comments (0)


Our holiday in the Tropical Whitsundays. Unfortunately we took it in the wet season (thats the trouble with the tropics) and as a result these photos dont really do the place justice. Despite the grey look it was still hot enough to get a tan.

The top 3 are from our resort on Long Island and the last 2 from the beautiful Whatehaven beach with its unique swirling sands.
7th Mar 2007, 02:21   comments (0)


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Taking a walk on the beach at Byron Bay, Ben and I convinced Ang to sit on
this rock as it'd be a nice photo! She should have seen it coming...
7th Mar 2007, 01:45   comments (0)

Fraser Island

Ang and i were in charge of things at Fraser Island - we were the only 2 who could drive the 4WD! Had a funny group and our 3 days 2 nights were spent driving, getting bogged in the sand, camping and fighting the dingoes off our food, drinking beer, visiting beautiful sights, swimming in the lakes (but not the ocean cos of tiger sharks, stingrays and jellyfish) and generally making merrry. Was an excellent time and we were well and truly ready for a shower by the time we got back!
27th Feb 2007, 04:41   comments (2)

Matrix Exhibition

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We checked out the Matrix exhibition at MovieWorld on the Gold Coast. Plenty of excuses for trying to look hard!
27th Feb 2007, 02:07   comments (0)
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