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This used to be the 'Big Canada Moblog' but it's been a while since we got back from the trip!

Now it's dedicated to general musings.


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Even the little one is pondering...

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I've never felt so engaged with politics as I do right now, but at the same time I feel so very let down by our politicians and the system that they work within.

I don't want to rant on (so no one mention the Digital Economy Act!) but I just wanted to share a thought or two.

Firstly and foremost I want to see a change in our political system, first past the post (FPTP) is scandalously outdated! I know it could be worse, but this is not the kind of democracy I want to live in.
I want brave and honest people to represent me and my community in parliament. I want to feel respected and that my opinion counts. I want to be engaged and participate in building the society I am part of, not ignored. I would really like to be spoken to honestly and openly not thrown a 'spinning' yarn or two. I, like everyone I know, can handle the truth; it's the lies and avoidance we can't stomach any more.

I hope with an open mind and an embracing heart that our next government will be the one that we so desperately need.

Pondering the dilemma

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I decided today after much neglect to play around with my moblog a little. One of the 1st things I did was change the theme - I'd decided that I wasn't in an orange phase anymore.

Then after posting something I had a look at some friends accounts. There I discover that I have just (accidentally) changed my blog theme to the same as my friend Mirya.

Now I have discovered this little coincidence, do I change my blog theme again? I mean, I picked this one after all because I like it.....but to have the same theme as someone I know seems a little...odd!

mmmm perhaps I shall ponder some more this afternoon and perhaps maybe have a little look around, I'm sure that I can find something else I like to use as a theme ;-)

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Lambing fun

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We had a great day at a local farm last weekend!

The sun was out, the lambs were frolicking and we were treated to a
sheep shearing demonstration!
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Day 11 sunny Victoria.

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Day 11 sunny victoria.
We decided not to go whale watching today. We'd had such an amazing time at telegraph cove that we felt nothing could surpass it. We spent the day exploring victoria instead. 1 full day wasn't really enough, there was so much to see and do. We saw a floating village and i tried lobster. It was very nice, in fact we've had some of our nicest food ever whilst in Canada!
We spent ages at the harbour just watching the world go by, it was great!
19th Sep 2008, 23:19   comments (0)

Day 10 Campbell River to Victoria

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Day 10 campbell river to victoria
We stopped for lunch in a wonderful town called chemainus, the buildings are covered with beautiful murals that tell the story of the history of the town. In the afternoon we went to the butchart gardens which were amazing!
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Fw: Day 9. Port hardy to campbell river.

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Day 9. Port hardy to campbell river.
We went whale watching this morning and it was truly awesome! We saw a family of orca and three of them came right up to the boat! They'd caught a salmon and were going to share with the rest of the family. We also saw porpoise, harbour seals and sea lions. It was so wonderful! We learnt so much!
We had a slight problem with the technology which is why things haven't been updated for a while. S xTelegraph cove was so cute. We both loved learning about the history of the area and about the animals, including their preservation.
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Fw: Day 8. Prince rupert to port hardy.

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Day 8. Prince rupert to port hardy.
We had a very early start, we got up at 4.15 to catch the ferry to vancouver island. The journey took 15 hours which seemed never ending! The only plus was that we saw whales, eagles and dolphins! The sunset was spectacular and this photo doesn't do it justice.
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Day 7. Prince rupert. The view from our

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Day 7. Prince rupert.
The view from our room was fab, the harbour. We wondered down and watched them unload freshly caught crabs. Some harbour seals joined up to watch too. We net a wonderful couple from vancouver that we chatted to for over an hour. We had fresh BC salmon for dinner. Wonderful flavour! Got to get up at 4.15 tomorrow to catch the boat to vancouver island.
10th Sep 2008, 04:15   comments (3)
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