I can see the stars from here...

by Salome

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Looky here. This is what happens after we stick the furniture to the ceiling

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Giving blood

(viewed 937 times)
For extra plus moral high ground points. Now falling down all over the
21st Apr 2006, 17:02   comments (2)

Cheeze string

(viewed 1423 times)
Why would a person buy a thing like that?
21st Apr 2006, 16:55   comments (7)

Easter bunnies

(viewed 953 times)
Headless is starting a collection.
21st Apr 2006, 16:53   comments (5)

Pony Fantasy Magic Sleep Box

(viewed 6517 times)
And nothing else will do.
21st Apr 2006, 16:50   comments (1)

Manchester! Woo!

(viewed 913 times)
I think it's getting on for 8 years since I've been To Affleck's Palace.
It hasn't changed, and I still love it.
21st Apr 2006, 16:47   comments (3)


(viewed 856 times)
And you can't argue with science.
10th Apr 2006, 23:42   comments (2)


(viewed 893 times)
It's not the best pic, but as I understand it, there's some kind of rule about
catblogging, no?
3rd Apr 2006, 20:31   comments (11)

This car is too big for me to drive

(viewed 1088 times)
But I am not afraid. oh no. I'm just concentrating.
This is my concentrating face.
3rd Apr 2006, 20:17   comments (6)