I can see the stars from here...

by Salome

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Looky here. This is what happens after we stick the furniture to the ceiling

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for Mandy

(viewed 769 times)
It's not quite the same monkey, actually. But pretty close.
19th Sep 2007, 12:39   comments (5)

This high

(viewed 931 times)
Macbook for scale.
17th Sep 2007, 14:22   comments (7)

New shoes!

(viewed 994 times)
Nothing on earth I can do with my camera can show how frickin high these
heels are.
17th Sep 2007, 14:08   comments (18)

Holding hands

(viewed 852 times)
The little black thing her paw is touching is my foot (I'm sitting with my
leg tucked underneath me). She's just making sure I don't go anywhere.

That's not product placement with the phone BTW. Actually the reason it's lying there is cause I tried to take the pic with it, but the camera's rubbish, so I used my macbook's camera instead. So it's like anti-advertising.
13th Sep 2007, 15:57   comments (2)

Why am I having to sit next to the airport?

(viewed 819 times)
Goddamn software update seems to have reduced my wifi signal. Gaaaaaah!
13th Sep 2007, 13:16   comments (6)

Spice up your life

(viewed 737 times)
I yam domestic goddess. Ho, yes!
10th Sep 2007, 18:48   comments (2)

Mikado? Mikado, you say?

(viewed 989 times)
Looks like Pocky,
tastes like Pocky...
Come on, France, come clean.
10th Sep 2007, 18:17   comments (0)


(viewed 838 times)
not as good as it looked.

Still chocolate though... ;)
10th Sep 2007, 18:15   comments (0)