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Mmmmm Beer...

(viewed 663 times)
One of my favourite beers. I especially like the bucket like glass the pint comes in, as pictured here. I highly recommend Kronenberg Blanc if you like blonde beers. It's like fruity alcohol water and makes you fall over!
31st Mar 2005, 21:54   comments (1)

Lil' Gomes

(viewed 736 times)
Work mates (very cute) baby. Even I thought she was cute which is saying a lot!
31st Mar 2005, 21:52   comments (3)

The Nintendo factor

(viewed 751 times)
You got to hand it to Nintendo, they got my mum and aunt playing a video game! It'll be the pope next.
29th Mar 2005, 23:22   comments (2)

May the faith be with you

(viewed 724 times)
Christians will tap into anything to sell their faith these days.
Obi Wan as a Christ figure anyone?
29th Mar 2005, 23:19   comments (7)

Cracked sky

(viewed 634 times)
22nd Mar 2005, 20:09   comments (4)

I woke up this morning

(viewed 697 times)
And there was Holly, cozy and snuggled up in front of the
radiator. Boy was I jealous as I left for work...
22nd Mar 2005, 20:09   comments (3)

Run in Fear!

(viewed 730 times)
Tonberry is here!
21st Mar 2005, 20:01   comments (2)

Amsterdams not a nice place

(viewed 646 times)
Off your face! Me looking ropey. I could carry my luggage under my eyes! And frequently do.
20th Mar 2005, 22:24   comments (3)