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London at night

(viewed 693 times)
Here's the view from the window at the moment.Really should go to bed!
3rd May 2005, 00:34   comments (0)

The dangers of IT

(viewed 693 times)
Installing a DVD burner, I managed to slice my thumb open without even
realising it. A lot of blood for a tiny cut!
27th Apr 2005, 21:52   comments (3)

Mr Fox

(viewed 708 times)
Sleeping In my garden, freaking out the cats. This fella seems to have an
eye missing. Didn't run off though.
27th Apr 2005, 21:50   comments (2)

London from afar

(viewed 616 times)
View of central London from atop Shooters Hill. The blobs on the right are Canary Wharf, while the blobs on the left are the Natwest Tower and Erotic Gherkin.
27th Apr 2005, 21:48   comments (0)

Thow away your television

(viewed 720 times)
On the way to work, I met this. Nice to see Chili Peppers fans really getting into the lyrics!
27th Apr 2005, 21:46   comments (5)


(viewed 576 times)
I am tabi! See me roar!
27th Apr 2005, 21:45   comments (0)

Friday Night Out 2

(viewed 805 times)
And after that, it was back to B@1 via the slug and whatever it was called. Here we met this kurazee Polish grrrl!!!!!!
16th Apr 2005, 22:58   comments (5)

Friday Night Out

(viewed 671 times)
Right, Friday night so off to B@1 for some Mohitos and Frozen Margeritas (is that spelt right?) and then to Namco Wonder Park for drunken gaming. The bastards went on the dodgems without me!
16th Apr 2005, 22:56   comments (2)