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Here's Holly Bustin' some moves. She can certainly move with the best of em
and likes nothing more than getting down to some old skool grooves.
6th Dec 2005, 21:40   comments (4)

Amsterdam Station

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A couple of shots of the train station in Amsterdam, from the aforementioned
trip. The darker one wouldn't look odd with a couple of flocks of bats
flying around it. Actually, do bats flock?? Anyway, these are the last of
the pics from there, so enjoy!

Now I think about it, only one of these is the station....sigh, the darker one. The other is a building near it (well it was a while ago!
5th Dec 2005, 20:18   comments (0)

This disturbed me

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Also in the RAI was a wall of artwork, no idea who by as it never said. They
were all quite odd, but this one I had to snap. Creepy!
4th Dec 2005, 18:14   comments (1)

Yes I am still here!

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As has been noted in previous posts, my contributions have been lacking, so here's a pic, with more to follow. The reason? Laziness generally and notgetting round to re-installing the software on my phone..As I said, laziness. This was in the RAI exibition centre in Amsterdam, I had to go there for a week a number of months (july!) ago for work. How life can be hard at times, lol
4th Dec 2005, 18:02   comments (3)

Ha Ha Ha

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Its true, he is!
28th Jun 2005, 14:20   comments (10)

Birmingham visit

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And the weekend after that we were in Birmingham. My friend took the
offices alert status to heart! Check out the Tank we drove home in, was
great, no car came too close during the entire trip back to London!
28th Jun 2005, 14:17   comments (2)

Monster Meat!

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While working in Manchester a few weekends, I ended up ordering this
monster meat burger. It was all an accident! They said if I paid a pound
I could have a double. What I didn't realise was that the burger was
already a double! Heart attack anyone?
28th Jun 2005, 14:10   comments (0)

Tabs watches the world

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Tabs was keeping me company while I worked away. Ah, the life of a cat!
28th Jun 2005, 14:08   comments (4)
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