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Overview of SES London 2008
Search Engine Strategies

Overview of SES San Jose 2007
Search Engine Strategies

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Party at the GooglePlex

Party on Google's dollar - get in!

There was free sweets, sno-cones, tonnes of good food, a giant
tyrannosaurus, lots of remixes of cheesy choons, karaoke booths,
unlimited arcade gaming and about 5000 people!
22nd Aug 2007, 23:34   | tags:comments (4)

Paid link showdown

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The best seminar yet.

Matt Cutts made an interesting case for being against paid links based on the concept of full disclosure. Basically the opinion of the regulatory board on word of mouth marketing is that the random person who you meet at a bar who recommends some random japanese whiskey should fully disclose their bias if they are being paid to make these recommendations to you.

He said that full disclosure on the web basically meant that a link was human and machine readable. Ultimately this means that an ad link should be clearly an adlink by being placed in a sponsored section and should not pass PageRank.

He also pointed out that there are a number of risks involved with buying links. Considerations are:
buy for a limited time?
buy run of site?
is the link vendor a sloppy seller?
is the link vendor cloaking your links?
can a competitor spot your paid links?

Algorithmic versus human detection is also extremely advanced such that the googlebot detected all but one paid link on a recent target site.

Michael Gray of Graywolf fame (or should that be infamy?) gave a really compellling counter argument to much applause. (will update this section shortly)
22nd Aug 2007, 23:30   comments (0)

Exhibitor Floor

(viewed 721 times)
22nd Aug 2007, 21:43   comments (6)

Shaun Ryan - all the way from New Zealand

(viewed 808 times)
SLI Systems Internal Site Search Providers who power Danny Sullivan's Search Engine Land.

Nacho Fernandez

(viewed 801 times)
Representing the forthcoming Latino SES in Miami.

Mike Grehan on Link Building

(viewed 606 times)
21st Aug 2007, 19:06   comments (0)

Jim Lanzone,

(viewed 595 times)
Today's keynote.
21st Aug 2007, 19:05   comments (0)

Linkworth - monetising your website.

(viewed 713 times)
And SEOing it too.