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Overview of SES London 2008
Search Engine Strategies

Overview of SES San Jose 2007
Search Engine Strategies

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Reprazentin' UK & Ireland

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beer & search

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a heady mix


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Talking heads

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My favourite conversation of the conference. Kevin Ryan and Mike Grehan on the subject of universal search:

Mike: "Between image and text results on searches for Shakira, i know which one i'd click!"

Kevin: "Okaaay, thanks for the overshare."


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Matt Paines from XSEO and Serge Cherchintsev from DoubleClick make a career move into beer tasting.


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Met Laura Lippay from Yahoo on the Google bus in San Jose and again in the pub in London!

Mistresses of social meeja

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Beware the red eyeses! (damn i need a better cameraphone)

Scottie and Li presented excellent material on integrating social media into search engine marketing campaigns.

Btw li - this is your famous nameske in the UK - Lee Evans