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Hi! I'm a 24 year old living in Reading. I want to be a speech Therpaist and start my training in September. Untill then I am temping at the Pru. How fabulous! My pictures will rarely be anything of artistic merit, more a day to day record of me. Enjoy!

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14th Jul 2007, 23:03   comments (2)

You don't see this everyday.

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I can't remember if I already put this up. Took it ages ago and just found it during a clean up
31st May 2007, 21:21   comments (1)

Andy Mac

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My friend Andy was found dead at home on Friday. I am so sad. He was a great bloke. Miserable as hell but such a great laugh. I'll miss ranting with him in the bar. Not sure what else to write at the moment as spending most of my energy not crying. RIP

We found out today that Andy had a pulmonary embolism which is a blood clot, normally from the leg, which dislodged and got stuck in the artery from his heart to his lungs causing a heart attack. This is apparently something that kills you instantly but I bet they always say that so you don't feel quite so shit knowing that he was all alone when it happened. I hope he wasn't scared.
6th May 2007, 10:12   comments (3)

Funny Funny Funny

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He kept doing this for about half an hour. Stupid thing!
21st Apr 2007, 16:53   comments (3)


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I bought this beautiful pink gerbera at Borough Market on Good Friday. It cost 50 whole pence and can't believe it's lasted two weeks!
21st Apr 2007, 13:23   comments (0)


They are growing well! At the top is my mutant double tulip. Then one of the tall variety which I never noticed before has blue on the inside and some lovely random bright bright pink stripe like bits. Fab! They are just beautiful and I can't wait for the last ones to come out.
21st Apr 2007, 13:18   comments (0)

More Tulips

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Beautiful! I love them!
21st Apr 2007, 13:16   comments (2)


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New season proper English strawberries!
15th Apr 2007, 20:06   comments (3)