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Is this a message from 'on high'?

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Fred The Shred was in charge of RBS and these signs were in front of an RBS branch! Is the traffic warden looking to the heavens? This is Llandudno, I have decided to join (and learn from) some London Drupal Developers as I can then work from home, as I personally think Llandudno is more pleasant to work from than London, but I am sure London is more 'alive'

I am the baby!

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My nephew Felix has a new cousin who is a little boy so I went with him and his mum to see the new baby. We were showing him to Felix saying ‘look baby’. He obviously didn’t want the small baby being the center of attention, so he started pointing to himself saying Baby. His mum said to him "no this is BABY, you are BIG BOY", but he insisted HE was baby!
A picture of a bemused baby - perhaps wondering 'who is the baby, me or him?' or 'what will I be when I grow up? perhaps a drupal developer in London - if the still have these when I grow up - which I very much doubt - what will the world be like when i do grow up, will we still have computers? Maybe we will have glasses or implants or just see the screen somehow, like looking at the reflection in a window, and maybe we will just think the questions and instructions, instead of having a keyboard or voice recognition.
10th Nov 2010, 16:12   | tags:,,comments (0)

Rianbow, last upload went wrong, then I deleted too many

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Hi. I just uploaded this picture, nothing seemed to happen, so I tried re-loading the page. Every time I did this, it might have re-submitted, but did not tell me?. Anyway, I went to home page and then looked at my page -- and all I could see were lots of the same photo, so I went to delete, are you sure, yes
and then
delete, are you sure, yes
and then
delete, are you sure, yes
and now I was in a sort of auto pilot, meaning to stop before I deleted every single one --
then --
before I could stop myslef, I had deleted the original post, so here it is again, if it loads lots of the same again, I apologise, and don't know what I am doing wrong - the only thing I can think of is I use a vodafone mobile dongle, but it has got 3 bars showing, so it is working OK
26th Sep 2010, 08:43   | tags:,comments (0)

It's the time to go home story. Sorry something went wrong

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My nephew Felix Felix decided that on the Sunday morning (after he'd stayed over Saturday night) that it was time to go home. So he brought me his shoes for me to put on him?
So to pacify him I put his shoes on and then we carried on watching telly.
Now this wasn't getting him home, so he brought me my shoes to put on.
So I put them on the floor and went back to doing whatever it was I was doing.
So then he brought me my handbag.
He's not daft and knows that a lady never leaves the house without her shoes and handbag!

Sorry, nothing happened when i uploaded it, so i tried again -nothing happened - it just said waiting for mo blog, so i went to an old computer and tried again --the same -nothing, so i clicked on the blog to see what was happening --and the story was there about 7 times!! 4 without a picture!! I don't know what i did wrong, i have a vodafone wireless dongle
17th Aug 2010, 13:42   | tags:,,comments (1)

My New Camera, used 0.3mb

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My old camera 8mb pixel was dropped and has lens failure and I saw Jessops had a 10.2mb Fujifilm finepix for only £49.00 -- I had a Fujifilm finepix with a large lens a few years ago, and it was the best camera I ever had, until the usb connector pushed inside and caused a short circuit. As soon as I saw the finepix camera on offer I rushed in the shop (it was the last one - they had to take it off display). It seems really good, I set it to the lowest quality and took this photo -- seems good enough to me as I can the cats whiskers -- maybe I am not discerning enough? I had to set the resolution before I uploaded it to 300 dpi s and 800 pixels across so it was not too big - so I don't think it mattered that I set it for 0.3mb before I took the photo?
3rd Jul 2010, 18:40   | tags:comments (1)

Another Cat

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I have just been to Factotum's blog to look at 'Oasis' and saw the CAT. so as I have a picture of a big CAT as well, I have uploaded it.
22nd Jun 2010, 20:03   | tags:comments (0)

Message from my best friend - see picture

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I just spent ages writing this, as I really thought hard about what to say, then I lost my connection and it all disappeared. Thanks everyone for your nice comments about my garden, I have now got a life again. A few of you will know what I am talking about - I read a few things about a treatment on blogs, one made me a bit worried, as it did not work for a girl who tried it, I don't think it made it worse, but it must have been disappointing. I found a treatment that worked for me, and as I found out about it by pressing a link on someone else’s blog, I am putting a link for rosacea treatment on this blog. After completing it, I returned home and my best friend - see picture - had a message for me! – see picture -- I knew it was working quite a few weeks ago, and think I may have mentioned it already - but it is all in the past now, I may even go back and delete bits. I am now off to do a moblog tour!
22nd Jun 2010, 19:47   | tags:,,comments (0)

View from inside and 'Flowers or weeds'?

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Its been sunny for days and is raining now, and I think the garden will shoot up a bit, so I am going to help my friend cut the hedges (with a electric hedgecutter) and trim some of the flowers with the garden shears - and see what happens. It is June and this is the first time she has done any gardening!
I wonder if everything will grow twice as quickly once it has been cut.
Does anyone know if the tall purple things are flowers or weeds -- and does it matter? Someone said they were weeds
7th Jun 2010, 19:10   | tags:comments (1)
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