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And now! Live from Norwich! It's the blog of the century!

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dog seat, cat seat

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17th Aug 2007, 10:36   | tags:,comments (5)

snoopy practice

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6th Aug 2007, 21:21   | tags:comments (4)

sunny relaxus

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5th Aug 2007, 15:07   | tags:comments (6)


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5th Aug 2007, 13:38   comments (4)

Mark E Smith is my hero

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...The Fall were headlining one of the stages, and were easily the best band
of the festival. For a man who's act, such as it is, consists of looking
ill, fucking around with his musician's amps and muttering incomprehensibly,
he really is a national treasure. Not the best time i've seen them live, he
seemed slightly more pissed off than usual, but at least they took to the
stage and didn't split up beforehand.

Middle shot shows his various mic stands scattered about

Third shot is him watching the radiant (a little too radiant in this
picture) Mrs Smith taking centre stage.
5th Aug 2007, 03:50   comments (10)

tales of the jackalope - the littlest festival

(viewed 1689 times)
groovy one-day festival in the middle of norfolk organised by shitey
scenester pointlesszine Vice. It was full of very fit girls and lots of
blokes who looked like fucking twats, and bands who ripped off Klaxons,
Franz Ferdinand and the Fall. And Dizzee Rascal, who should've been good but
also should've had a PA larger than a matchbox.

Speaking of the Fall....
5th Aug 2007, 03:45   comments (0)

I can has gravel?

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Wesley is something of an idiot - he just love eating gravel.

this is him looking wistfully at the disappearing stone just recovered from his mouth

stop eating gravel you jerk
28th Jul 2007, 10:58   | tags:comments (4)

I can't believe it's not butterfly

(viewed 1380 times)
27th Jul 2007, 11:43   comments (6)