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Sand Sculpture

(viewed 699 times)
19th Aug 2005, 14:09   comments (0)

Glasgow snapshots

(viewed 849 times)
Back from the Worldcon in Glasgow at the SCEE...

The Armadillo by day.

Kegloads of real ale in the Argyll bar.

Nighttime at the Scottish Science Centre by the Clyde.

Plane as day.
10th Aug 2005, 00:19   comments (0)

New Cover Art

(viewed 872 times)
Just arrived, final cover image for the Voyager anthology I wrote for.

2nd Aug 2005, 10:22   comments (1)

My new book is out...

(viewed 684 times)
,,,even though it's not supposed to be on sale until October.

I walked into London's Forbidden Planet today and there it was.
29th Jul 2005, 17:06   comments (2)

London Invaded IV

(viewed 668 times)
Another sighting....
25th Jul 2005, 10:46   comments (0)

London Pride

(viewed 707 times)
10th Jul 2005, 13:22   comments (1)

The Force is strong in them...

(viewed 653 times)
1st Jul 2005, 18:33   comments (0)

H.G. Welles well well

(viewed 683 times)
24th Jun 2005, 17:40   comments (0)