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day 5

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Well set off at 8.30 in rain... Fancy that, great this british weather lol anyway we was in good spirits and made good progress. In the photo is studley pike monument, then i took the next picture looking back at the same monument as we walked away over the hills
28th Aug 2009, 22:06   comments (0)

Day 4 part 2

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Well today has been a complete waste of time... Setting off at 12.45 then after taking a wrong path and ending up at the bottom of a BIG hill, only to have to go up it again... This started some arguments then after getting back on track both my dad and my brother started moaning about sore feet. Dad with bruising and blisters, brother with blisters and a sore knee! However im fine and wanted to keep walking till nightfall. As you can imagine they didnt so we only walked for 4 hours in total today! Im not happy :( talks about me going off alone didnt in down well the picture is the mast bringing TV and radio pictures to the people of the north west of England. Next to the M62 at blackstone edge. We are now in Lancashire :)
27th Aug 2009, 17:59   comments (5)

day 4

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Up early panic to dry things out... Everything is very very wet. So we headed in to town to dry things out. This means we havent made any progress yet and its 10.30am already, but we desperately need to dry our things
27th Aug 2009, 10:18   comments (2)

still day 3

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Well passed over derbyshire now going over yorkshire
26th Aug 2009, 14:07   comments (5)

day 3 start

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Sorry for the slow updates, i dont have a phone signal most of the time :( well going from crowden seemed easy then came the rock climbing! Never expected to be crawling up rock faces on my knees in high winds! But i wanted adventure :) paid £20 to a taxi driver to take up to shops for water and food last night, today ive passed about 20 rivers and streams i could have drank from, typical :) worse of all ive got my boots dirty and think ive scratched em too hahaha
26th Aug 2009, 13:00   comments (3)

day 2 part 2

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Went down a very tricky cliff side, balance was made harder carrying 60 pound in a backpack! Saw a sign for snake inn pub but its way off cant see it, tempting ive run out of water. Anyway carried on and crossed the snake pass A57
25th Aug 2009, 12:40   comments (7)

day 2 start

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Last night had sweet thai chilli for tea on the camp stove.. Thats the good news in our panic to set up camp last night we set tents up next to a 250ft cliff rain and wind all night howling over the top woke to a very wet and cold tent at 5.50am. Rather than have breakfast in there conditions we pressed on.
25th Aug 2009, 07:10   comments (2)

day 1

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Arrived by car to Edale, was raining hard i thought that was bad enough but then in my rush managed to slam the car door on my thumb! Blood everywhere ...nail went black. What a start! Walked several miles and up Jacobs ladder, a very long and steep hill. At this time i realised some where already struggling even swapping backpacks. We got to the top tired hot and wet :( the top was like the moon very wierd funny grey rocks and we was stood inside a cloud. We climbed over 2000 feet followed the cliff edge... It was going dark we needed to set up camp! On where was perfect the ground was boggy and no running water... Eventually we got to a stream but it was dirty water, too late we just set up tents on rough ground. Soon as we did we was attacked by flies all over my face and in my ears :( so ate quick and got in my tent
24th Aug 2009, 20:48   comments (5)