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dufton to alston

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Well after yesterdays walk this one was a wake up! Over 20 miles, up the first hill knock fell 2592 feet high then down again :( then up Great dun fell 2782 feet high thats the one with the giant golf ball on it, then down again :( then up little dun fell 2762 feet high then down again.... By now were really hot and tired. Then up Cross fell 2930 feet high and to be honest the views wasnt brilliant. Then we headed straight north to alston, hard under the feet and pretty boring views, maybe yesterday spoiled us
12th Sep 2009, 18:30   comments (5)

forest in teesdale to dufton

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Well after all the bad days at the begining of this trek, today more than made up for it. Its been awesome... Set off this morning and went past high force waterfall good on its own but a deer stood there, didnt run away just stood there and watched us walk by then after lots of rabbits underfoot again. We followed the river tees a few miles down a valley, we saw an eagle and its chicks on the cliff side, the mother shadowed us down the rest of the valley riding on thermals above our heads. We then reached another waterfall, this one we had to climb up! On top we followed a path through a military training zone, no red flag today so were safe ..down over another river till we come to a cliff edge! What a view! We met to lads from sheffield called simon and mark, we chatted for a while then left them on the cliff while we decended to dufton 3 miles below us, to our campsite.
11th Sep 2009, 17:29   comments (3)

bowes to forest IT cont...

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Earlier in the day we came over 2 or 3 nature reserves, great scenery and lots of animals about on this lovely day.. At the end of our day we was treated to a walk along the river tees and past several waterfalls :) a nice change from a week of open moors! As we came down an hill towards a cairn, a sheep was lying in the sun with its eyes shut, dreaming away... we got closer and closer till i was stood right next to it. I said hello and it nearly jumped over my head! It got to a safe distance then i shouted "ive brought my wellies" and it went baaa then ran off down the hill :) shame the good looking ones always get away :)
11th Sep 2009, 16:43   comments (1)

bowes to forest in teesdale

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Well nearly forest in teesdale, we have walked to the High Force waterfall on the river tees just south of our destination, a 16.2 mile walk, andy was getting sore feet and to be honest time is getting on. Been a great walk today, really enjoyed it... The walk along the river was nice even if the sound of the running water and the hot sun made me thirstier than usual :)
10th Sep 2009, 16:52   comments (4)

bowes to ?

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Set of from the A66 at bowes after 1.5 mile say this hut in middle of nowhere, a shelter for walkers... Typical when we need one there isnt any, today glorious sunshine and here it is :) i dare say you could sleep in it at night. After this the next few miles was very boggy and wet underfoot, now and again coming out at nice nature reserves :)
10th Sep 2009, 12:38   comments (0)

day 12 apparently :)

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From keld to bowes today. From keld to tan hill where the pub on the Everest windows advert is, the highest pub in britain 1732 feet above sea level. Well that actually was a nice walk, after the pub! Well that was just miles of swamps :( thank god for my super socks lol we then went through farm land nice again, we got to the point of the pennine way were you decide to split towards bowes or go north towards forest in teesdale. Over the A66, well under it actually :) we will set up camp there and enjoy our easy 11.6mile day.
9th Sep 2009, 14:08   comments (8)

day 10... Kind of :)

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Thats not a picture of a cliff, its crap visibility! Oh and more rain. Set off from Hawes at 9am all uphill, past a young girl about 20yrs with a big backpack she was really struggling, she was staggering around like she was drunk? I asked if she was ok? She smiled and said yes lol maybe she always walks like that :) well apart from the odd mist and a strong wind, weather has been ok, when it did rain it was only short lived. Overall a nice easy walk, the views from the last hill between thwaites and keld was great :) not really sure but was it the coast to coast path i could see across the valley? Sorry for the late post... Had no signal :( 13.3 miles covered today.
9th Sep 2009, 09:57   comments (4)

Here we go again :)

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Well after having to come home due to some of the group having enough of it!.... it being the weather mainly.

ive been itching to get out there and carry on. ive asked a few people to go, no one was interested so i decided to go it alone and finish the Pennine way on my own.

After making this decision and then telling the others i was going on Monday dinner time, (when wife can give me a life to Hawes) they said i was stupid going it alone its dangerous etc.

Then Sunday night, as i was packing to go i got a phone call, saying they had seen the weather forcast and wanted to come along again?
only can i set of Tuesday instead!! so this is what were doing... i will be away and updating my blog as usual from tuesday morning :)
7th Sep 2009, 12:45   comments (11)