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Pennine Way

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Well its the day after... and after a hot bath and a lovely bed :) i am now reflecting on the memories of the 270 mile trek

It has to be said, the weather did its best to spoil our first half of the walk... so its no suprise i enjoyed the second half better in the sunshine, even if the heat made uphill walking more difficult.

i would recommend the Pennine Way to anyone, i think anyone can do it, just some may be quicker or take longer.

The point isnt how long it takes, do it at a speed thats comfortable and you can take in the sights... Thats the main problem really, taking your time means probably 3 weeks and more!! its a long time and as i found out... it ends up costing more that you think too.

Along the way you see enough moors to make you bored to be honest... climbing a big hill for a few hours in hot sunshine with tired legs just because the view is supposed to be great.... then finally getting there to look at even more moors, when you have been already looking at moors for 2 weeks... definately loses its appeal!!

views of open hills is cool for day walkers... but to the long distance walker it becomes yet another hill to go over :(

ok moan over ahha now the good stuff :)

when you finally get off the hills and see parts of this great countries quaint little villages and sights is something to cherish...
Local history that people are proud of.
Seeing wildlife you dont see if you spend alot of time in cities
Great river walks taking in waterfalls fish and footbridges
walking through forests that you only thought was available in Canada!! only without nasty Bears here :)

So yes its alot of miles and you do get sore legs... but its worth it.

on top of that you find out a few things about yourself too... stamina and mental strength.

they say 500 people a week start the pennine way... and only 1% finish it!!
I have to say when i started in Edale i saw plenty of people and its true that most people give up after 2 days(1 of our party did) but after a few days we saw hardly anyone.. perhaps 1 person every 4 days or more!!

so pleased i did it... proud i finished it and have great memories :)

In fact im already thinking i want to do it again... just a case of when, ill definately do it earlier in the summer next time though.
18th Sep 2009, 12:24   comments (4)

Byrness to Kirk yetholm

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Woohoo we finished! 270 miles and its over. The climb at the start was a nightmare! I thought my god 27 miles and it starts like this? Another few hours later i was still thinking the same. For a day thats such a long way it doesnt hold back, every big hill i could see, we went over :( very tiring and mentally challenging too. I was starting to wonder if we should sleep in one of the mountain rescue huts! We decided to plod on and when we saw the sign for Kirk Yetholme 4.5 miles... What a relief, then that small distance seemed to take forever. When we eventually got there i saw the Border Hotel this marks the end of the pennine way. Went straight in and ordered a guinness :) after a chat with the barman and a free half of beer for my trouble.. All people who finish get one, i was asked to sign the book :) we posed for a few photos and after a few pints we went home :)
17th Sep 2009, 19:50   comments (6)

nearly there!

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4.5 miles :)
17th Sep 2009, 16:40   comments (0)

last big hill!

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264 miles hiked! Last hill 6 miles up and over :) cant wait
17th Sep 2009, 15:16   comments (1)

Bellingham to Byrness

Todays walk was actually a great one, dont know why but i expected it to be a bad one. Started out over moors then through some forests, not forests like yesterday though... These was full of wildlife... I love wildlife so cheered me up, walking along admiring the animals. At one point we had a steep and muddy climb and when i stopped for a rest, a little robin flew down and landed on a branch... As i looked it hopped along the branch really close :) then as i got to the top of the hill i looked behind me and couldnt beleive my eyes! The robin was hopping along the path following us still. So i opened my backpack and gave it some of my cheese sandwich, dunno if it had young but it seemed to take the food away bit by bit. Later after miles of forest walking... (Northumberland is the biggest in britain) we arrived at a clearing with picnic benches and toilets. As we sat down we got another visitor hopping around our table, not sure on the type of bird, another to share my sandwiches and peanuts :) as we cleared the forest we say more horses and Llamas. All day i kept seeing bright red mushrooms cant help thinking they might be poisonous. The last photo is the sign we keep seeing as we walked the border between England and Scotland :)
16th Sep 2009, 18:39   comments (5)

Steel rig to Bellingham

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Well the walk along Hadrians wall was up and down a well worn path, same as yesterday no change there, but then as we headed North we went through a few forests, i thought this would be a good chance to see animals i wouldnt normally see, however i didnt see a single thing? Was really strange, nothing living in all these trees! Shame.... I walked through with my phone in camera mode ready for nothing :( we then went over lots of moors and through farms. We also did 4 miles extra today, and we will tomorrow, that will bring the final days walk down to 23 miles on thursday :)
15th Sep 2009, 17:36   comments (4)

Hadrians wall

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Well today the walk went from Greenhead to Steel rig, this took us along Hadrians wall... Lots of history and interest, but i have to admit feeling disappointed the famous wall is nearly gone just a few stones in the grass here and there. The Roman forts and turrets are just the foundations and to be honest i would have missed them too, if it wasnt for the big information signs. I still enjoyed the change of scenery from the moors and farms yesterday, just glad i didnt drive all the way up here to see the wall... I have to think that there is other sections of the wall better than the bit i saw, a lad on last nights campsite was walking the whole length of Hadrians wall, i should have asked him.
14th Sep 2009, 14:16   comments (4)

alston to greenhead

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Well the guide says its a 15 mile walk, i clocked it at 18.5? And didnt get lost, so dunno. Anyway a pretty average walk that goes along the river then through some farms and along a disused railway line... The best bit of walk on the whole trek if you ask my feet :) a lovely gravel path, shame it doesnt go allway to scotland lol and just for good measure the day ends with a walk over moorland hills... Very boggy valleys, so boggy in fact i was tempted to take off my boots and socks and run over barefoot! We then dodged traffic on the A69 before getting to camp, crossing a busy road with cars doing 70mph isnt easy.... Or safe. The campsite is called roam and rest, run by a little old lady. Its actually very good, small but has everything we need for only £4 each :) tomorrow is Hadrians wall :)
13th Sep 2009, 18:14   comments (6)
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