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You can't take a photo of this, it's already gone.

This week I have been mostly... sleepy

I have been mostly playing with my new Canon 5D Mk II

I'm currently reading... White Gold Wielder, Stephen Donaldson

I am mostly listening to... Muse

I am currently... Writing a paper

When I should be... Working harder

I am most looking forward to... The Muse concert on Thursday :)

This weekend I am... probably cooking an Easter dinner for everyone.

The website for my lab

My brothers website

An amazingly good program that can recover lost/deleted photos

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CSH randoms

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Buoy graveyard

Bizarre statue/thing we found on the beach at CSH

The dance of the polypeptides

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It's difficult to appreciate exactly how geeky Cold Spring Harbor actually is. This is a statue showing RNA being transcribed into a protein. The shiny blobs are meant to be ribosomes, and the gold thing at the end is the finished protein.


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Admiring their mechanical balls

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Some of the art around Cold Spring Harbor

Geek Chic

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I was at Cold Spring Harbor labs for a conference on telomeres. Telomeres are these structures that make up the end of the chromosomes, and in many commonly studied organisms have the sequence TTGGGG (it's TTAGGG in humans). One of the scientists takes his job a litle too seriously methinks.

Also, did anyone else read that as "Maryland; Treasure the cheapskate"?

More Cold Spring Harbor

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Cold Spring Harbor, New York

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