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You can't take a photo of this, it's already gone.

This week I have been mostly... sleepy

I have been mostly playing with my new Canon 5D Mk II

I'm currently reading... White Gold Wielder, Stephen Donaldson

I am mostly listening to... Muse

I am currently... Writing a paper

When I should be... Working harder

I am most looking forward to... The Muse concert on Thursday :)

This weekend I am... probably cooking an Easter dinner for everyone.

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More from the underground tour...

Under the streets...

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Seattle has a very strange (and quite crazy) history. It was initially
built by the water, and proceeded to flood every time the tide went in.
This meant that horses would sink in the muddy roads, and the occasional
drowning happened in the waterlogged pot holes on the streets. The
residents living above the tide line would generate sewerage geysers for
the residents below every time they flushed their toilets etc. Anyway,
they accidentally burnt the city to the ground, and in rebuilding made
the same mistakes. So they built the roads 12 to 30ft above the
pavements so they wouldn't flood every day, which meant that to cross
the street you had to climb up a 30ft ladder, cross, then walk down
another 30ft ladder. They did this for 38 blocks. Anyway, they
eventually built pavements out from the roads so the shop entrances
moved to the first floor, but it left this underground city that you can
wander around. It was quite eerie actually, but the tour was pretty
interesting. Obviously being relatively well hidden, they were used as
everything from speakeasies during prohibition to drug dens in the 80s.

Bill Speidel's underground Seattle tour

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Learning about Seattle's bonkers history

My moblog is 3!

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Actually it was on Friday but I had a nasty cold so didn't post.

Native American architecture?

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I call it the totemneedle...

Wonky car park

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Seattle Library


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