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Sycamore/The Roadhouse

(viewed 611 times)
Hats off to Dead Meadow for inpiring this trio to write a set of psychedelic gems. In amogst the leaves with Sycamore you find yourself surrounded by people who love the atmosphere their music creates, like apes worshiping monoliths, the temptation to move with the music cannot be avoided. Green
16th Feb 2009, 13:44   comments (0)

Asobi Seksu/The Roadhouse

(viewed 649 times)
Eastern styled vocals magically coupled with dark spaced out sounds, a truley exceptional mix of styles, not to be missed by anyone remotely interested in the future of music. Assuming they make the right waves during summer festivals they could be massive GOLD
11th Feb 2009, 09:22   comments (0)

Young British Artists/The Roadhouse

(viewed 685 times)
Slap in the face potential here right from the start, however slapping the bass would be pointless as you can hardly hear it. Technical problems aside its easy to see that despite some megaphone singing, this band are brilliant and could be up for mainstream attention before the end of this year. ORANGE
11th Feb 2009, 09:21   comments (0)

SAY/Fuel/Cloud Sounds

(viewed 682 times)
Like variety cereal packets... SAY take complety different, sometimes opposite styles and themes and line them up on the table of pop so we can relish the wealth of diversity on offer. Well written, complex and at times beautiful, go listen GREEN
8th Feb 2009, 14:40   comments (0)

The Lightshines/Fuel/Cloud Sounds

(viewed 934 times)
Sams music is awash with the stuff of all the dreams you've ever had. A one man orchestra climbing a psychedelic staircase. Thousands of metaphors later im still hooked to the void and amazed that one person could host such a tour of my own mind. GOLD

Mat Riviere/Fuel/Cloud Sounds

(viewed 933 times)
Taking feelings of longing and waiting Mat creates not spacey music, but music to play in space to make the passage of time seem irrelevant, some frankly genius lyrics in a similar vein to LCD soundsystem, things could happen if album comes ORANGE
7th Feb 2009, 22:17   | tags:,,comments (0)

Butler - Williams/Cup/FFolksS

(viewed 793 times)
Theres an air of american folk rock heroes 'America' here especially in the harmonies which is fantastically done. To add to this theyve enough character to create something entirely their own, if not for a couple of songs sounding very similar. ORANGE
6th Feb 2009, 17:18   | tags:,,comments (0)

Ivan Campo/Cup/FFSake

(viewed 677 times)
Despite this being an acoustic session IC manage to turn simple, playful parts into catchy rhythms that get this 90% seated crowd itching to move about. With CD's flying out afterwards its obvious theres a good following for IC and its deserved GREEN
6th Feb 2009, 03:14   comments (0)
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