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How do you pronounce our beloved moblog

Mooo Blog
MoO Blog

or just the way your suppose to pronounce it: Mo-blog ;)

There has been a lot of discussion of the correct way going on here on mOOBlok, and mostly comes up when Alfie pronounces it wrong in one of his videos, once again.

Join the group, and dump your Video or Sound clip of the way you pronounce the word MoeBlogh here.

Or send it to:

We'll all vote, and that will be the end of it.


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Fred settles the argument ONCE AND FOR ALL

(viewed 1404 times)
So, to determine the answer to this long-disputed question... I turned to my beloved MacBook and the expertise of Fred.

I think you'll find that Fred's pronunciation is conclusive.

Posted by Helen

22nd Jul 2008, 17:59   comments (5)

After thorough research...

(viewed 1463 times)
I think I have the answer.

Posted by harimanjaro

22nd Jul 2008, 07:30   | tags:comments (6)

Bastion of English pronunciation my bottom

(viewed 2178 times)

Posted by Alfie

12th Jul 2008, 22:54   | tags:,,comments (34)

Moblog pronunciation with Mickey Mouse headphones

(viewed 1810 times)

Posted by nige

12th Jul 2008, 22:36   comments (4)

Say Moblog! Your way.

(viewed 974 times)
Well, see the description on the left hand side. So take it away.

Wanted to do an opening post but my web cam is still in Kenya, and I'm in Holland at the moment.

Posted by Puddlepuff

11th Jul 2008, 01:30   | tags:comments (2)