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Always on the look out for design/film/animation/photo taking inspiration - Oh, and travel ideas, (although anything in Japan will always win hands down for me). Currently based in the North East of Scotland.

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sayonara Tokyo

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All good things come to an end.Thoroughly enjoyed our trip.Best bits?All of 'em.Worst?Flight and toilets.Heh heh.Wished we'd had time to catch the bullet train to mount Fuji,do even more shopping in Harajuku,see a shinto wedding,and see the cherry blossom in May - aw well....maybe next year.... ;-) (photos show the area around our hotel night and day).
14th Aug 2006, 14:50   comments (4)

setting sun

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Last day today.So sad.It's evening while i'm emailing this and neither of us want to leave.Beautiful weather again.The day started off with a powercut over the whole of tokyo and an announcement repeated over tannoy in hotel in japanese so we had no idea what was happening. I was convinced it was an earthquake until the english translation came on!Went to 'harajuku' today and visited a shinto shrine.Really beautiful and peaceful.Had to cleanse our hands and mouth with water from bamboo cups before entering the main temple which felt like such a nice ritual,then we bought a few wee gifts for people and headed to completely different environment of the districts shopping area.Mental.But got some ace stuff.Heading out to restaurant now called 'ducky ducks'!?Photos show me leaving summersonic last nite,arctic monkeys on stage and prayers written on wood and hung on trees at the shrine we visited today.
14th Aug 2006, 11:51   comments (2)

thunder bolts and lightning,very very frightening...

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Still too darn hot.80% humidity.We've realised what it feels like outdoors in tokyo - when u step in to the swimming baths from outside and its really airless+damp.We had the mother of all storms too.Still didn't cool down tho.Went to the imperial palace today and then wandered around 'maranouchi' shopping district.This evening we went to a fairly 'raucous' (ooer!) area called 'yarakucho' under the railway tracks to watch the locals knock back beer and 'yakitori'.We've also started bowing madly when saying thank you,as was predicted by other people who've visited tokyo.It's very infectious and can go on for quite some time in an amusing sort of way.Summersonic festival tomorrow...Woohoo.Photo shows me looking nervous in the thunderstorm at the imperial palace gardens.
12th Aug 2006, 14:13   comments (2)

i think i'm turning japanese...

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Too hot today.Couldn't move more than twenty paces without sweating immensely.I'll be down to my birthweight by the time i come home.Last night we saw a led zeppelin japanese tribute band called 'mr jimmy' - magic laugh and we drank far too many sapporo's and then had a drink with the locals in nearby bar.Today was spent in the sony building.Leon met the playstation 3.Happy days!Off to a local restaurant called 'nylon' tonight.Photo's hopefully show 'mr jimmy',leon & playstation 3 and Ginza district this evening.
11th Aug 2006, 12:51   comments (4)

Ghibli Museum + the subway

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Brilliant weather today but really really hot.Around 38 degrees.It felt like walking in to a warm oven.The trains and subway are mad.Totally confused at first and very little english translation.Made it to ghibli animation museum though which was fantastic.I stick out like a sore thumb as the saying goes being fair and very tall!Cocktails and sushi for tea tonight.
10th Aug 2006, 09:20   comments (4)

we've landed

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Finally arrived in tokyo after 27hrs of taxis,planes and limo buses.Journey went fine,apart from em,'interesting' turbulence over Moscow.Hotel is pretty swish indeedy with a japanese style toilet we are afraid to use due to not knowing what all the buttons will do.Off out exploring tonight so will post more photos later.The current pics are of the lav(!) And view from hotel window.So far,so good.
9th Aug 2006, 20:49   comments (7)