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Always on the look out for design/film/animation/photo taking inspiration - Oh, and travel ideas, (although anything in Japan will always win hands down for me). Currently based in the North East of Scotland.

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My new 2nd term lecturing timetable involves teaching a night class. :-( so it can be very lonely sitting in a normally busy workplace on your own of an evening waiting to start work....
19th Feb 2008, 18:03   | tags:,,comments (4)

my nemesis

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I completely loathe this household appliance. It haunts my sleep. My partner can wheel it around expertly and it probably feeds his gadget needs when assisting with housework. He assembles it as if it were some sort of star wars gun. I on the other hand find it cumbersome. It won't wheel where i want it, it falls over instantly if i *ahem* 'gently' pull it along. And it's bloody heavy. It hates me and i hate it but today i have to do battle as it's my turn to vacuum. :-(
12th Feb 2008, 11:00   | tags:,comments (6)

running on empty

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One of the mildest but dullest mornings to go for a run but i did it. Hard going after a bit of hibernation on my part over winter. My friend who lives near sheffield is also a keen runner but getting motivated is tricky at this time of the year so last night we decided we would run 'together' at the same time but hundreds of miles apart. We did it too! Feel better and both intend on doing same again tomorrow. Hope the weather is better and i get some decent pics though.....

plastic toys

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I love my holga camera! Getting used to taking photos with it now. Looking forward to developing the film to see what I get. Already the batteries have come loose from their casing and the back almost flew open. All part of its cheap charm....

grey and boring?...

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Trying to pick a subtle shade of grey (or silver as they prefer in paint tin terms) for one wall. We are doing our bedroom in black, silver, grey and white - this could end up being slightly like the 'Spitting Image - John Major scene' backdrops or it could appear , as I hope, a little bit opulent and interesting. There will be lots of textures to ensure it's not too crap. But still need a final push to do this, in case it all just ends up depressing me if I don't do it right! :) Will keep you posted as it progresses.
30th Jan 2008, 14:35   | tags:,,,comments (1)

homeward bound

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Heading back from Elgin on the train after visiting family this weekend.Nice quiet train, sunny outside. Sunday lunch when I get back.Perfect.
27th Jan 2008, 13:57   | tags:,,comments (2)


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Had a great afternoon.spent it eating,drinking wine and catching up with a lovely mate I haven't seen in ages then having green tea and biccies in the excellent boutique hotel 'carmelite' lounge before having a sneaky peek around the expensive suites (my friend works there during uni hols).My favourite was the Japanese one (naturally!) and the one with the bath in the middle of the room. Nice food and whisky selection too. It's given me a plan of action for my dad's 60th....
12th Jan 2008, 17:46   | tags:,,comments (5)

chinese new year

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Got a lovely card in the post today to cheer up the january blues from my friend in Taiwan, to wish me a happy chinese new year for next month. Why are their cards so much prettier? :-) hope to meet up with her next christmas when we embark on a festive hol in japan. Something to look forward to on this grey january day i s'pose.