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Design is easy.....?

Always on the look out for design/film/animation/photo taking inspiration - Oh, and travel ideas, (although anything in Japan will always win hands down for me). Currently based in the North East of Scotland.

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While in Glasgow we all got together for a family celebration. Stayed in a lovely penthouse suite, and went out for a meal before heading back for drinks - and photos. :)

Sometimes -

- I forget how lovely my own country is. Our recent trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow reminded me. Even the train journey was stunning with lovely views of Tayside and Aberdeenshire. Had great fun, and stayed in some lovely places, including the B&B; 'Millers64'. Ace en-suite shower, and breakfast!

Edit: Forgot to take photos of my best mate L, while we were in Edinburgh. Slightly woozy after the beer and we all forgot. :( !

More shenanigans

...more Brewdog Dinner pics. See post here for more details. As you can see, the more beer consumed, the sillier, and more glazed our expressions became. The orange and can of IPA were 'gifts' as the night progressed, from the Brewdog people.
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Was proud to have my work featured in Burst Magazine this month. Lots of up and coming creative individuals and collectives featured. Always good to have a browse.

Well, what a week it's been...

Busy week last week - Brewdog dinner on Tuesday. 5 beers and 5 courses including:

Mini hops Pizza
Mac & Cheese with dark chocolate
Catfish & Okra Taco
Burger & Sweet Potato fries
Abstrakt Chocolate Beer ice cream float
Toffee apple tart


Then had our college fundraiser quiz night, then was at Castle Fraser at the weekend with friends who live there (Sarah is the groundskeeper). Had a lovely meal in the Castle Restaurant, then coffee back at the west wing, with a tour of the turret. Finally, had a baking frenzy yesterday and made cakes, bread and gingerbread loaf.

Photos taken with my rubbishy iphone camera so not as clear. Better ones (hopefully) to follow. :)

Flippin' eck (groan)

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Made pancakes last night - cheated with a jif lemon instead of real lemon juice - but they were very tasty all the same! :)
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Coos!... (and rocks)

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Taken a wee while ago on one of our Sunday walks.
5th Feb 2011, 16:33   | tags:,,comments (5)

Le Weekend

Nice weekend - spent Friday night with H and her mister, for drinks, Peacock Visual Arts exhibition and food - then a lovely walk on Sunday. Fresh air and sunshine - with no snow or frost/ice for the first time in months!