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Always on the look out for design/film/animation/photo taking inspiration - Oh, and travel ideas, (although anything in Japan will always win hands down for me). Currently based in the North East of Scotland.

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Spent today in Yokohama. Went up to the top of Japan's tallest building and got a brilliant view of Mt.Fuji. Finally!-been to Japan twice before and missed it each time because of clouds.
Utterly beautiful. The lift up was an ear popping 69 floors in forty seconds! After that we hit Chinatown. Really enjoyed Yokahama. Nice rest from the pace of Tokyo. Yesterday was the weirdest but most fun Christmas day. Spent it at Tokyo disneyworld in the morning. I have no point of reference on this having never been to the american or european ones but it was nuts. And we loved it,but the sickly sweetness started to grate after a bit so we headed back into town and went to the boozer. ;-)
26th Dec 2008, 10:22   | tags:comments (2)

Merry Christmas!

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Christmas eve is a romantic night here. Lots of couples out, bit like valentine's. All the restaurants were booked and couples walking hand in hand looking at the vast illuminations. All comes down tomorrow though. Not really a holiday of any kind. They've just nicked the best ideas, along with adding their own. Like strawberry christmas cake. Got ours and a little tree for the hotel room! Thanks for all the nice comments, been reading them just now, having prob's logging in though. Merry Christmas to both sets of ma+pa's, grasshopper and helly&G.; Will phone tomorrow, and of course happy Christmas fellow mobloggers! Have a good 'un wherever. ;-)
24th Dec 2008, 14:59   | tags:,comments (4)

Chocolate and vodka

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Nipped into the 100% chocolate cafe today, and funnily enough had some chocolate. Hot chocolate. Yummy. Going to the tokyo icebar later for a very cold vodka and off to see the christmas lights at the Emporer's abode at the imperial palace gardens. More to follow...
24th Dec 2008, 11:23   | tags:,comments (0)

Christmas Tokyo style

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Went for a wander round the hotel this evening. 'walking in a winter wonderland'!...
23rd Dec 2008, 13:55   | tags:,comments (8)


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Safely here. Nice crisp day. Will go exploring later. :-)
23rd Dec 2008, 06:47   | tags:,comments (3)

Thank you dhamaka!

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Lovely surprise.late postman today but worth it! I'm sure that this will speed up my cold recovery. ;-) x
19th Dec 2008, 15:29   comments (4)

Duvet day

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Last day of term and I've gone and got the pesky flu/cold thing that caused my students to be spluttering/absent/sneezing and generally passing around. :( will miss my Christmas night out too tonight which is a bit of a shame. Hopefully I'll shake it off over the next few days in time for going away..... on the plus there are lots of Christmassy films to watch while slurping down soup and lemsip.
18th Dec 2008, 09:27   | tags:comments (10)

Early Christmas

Had a 'mini-Christmas' at the weekend as we won't be spending it with our relatives this year. Managed to get round various siblings, aunties and both sets of parents while enjoying lots of alcohol, gift opening and food -so it was exactly like Christmas really - without the rubbish tv. My parents and Mr PJ's were actually quite happy to pose for photo's too which must have been a first!
16th Dec 2008, 10:19   | tags:,,comments (9)