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A television appearance...and virtual poppies

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I'm so excited - I'm going to be on BBC Wales this lunchtime! I'm going to be with some friends and spreading the word about the Poppy Appeal and the work of the Royal British Legion.

If you're anywhere near a television at the time, do make sure to tune in!

Besides popping up here and there on day-time interview sofas (how celebrity!), I've been keeping an eye out for interesting Poppy Appeal related news. I recently stumbled across this website called
Lasting Tribute that has created a virtual field of Remembrance to honour those that have lost their lives in conflict and help raise funds.
You can go along and, with a donation, be able to dedicate a poppy to someone you knew, or even to an unknown soldier. Each donation will add a poppy to the field, and half of the proceeds go straight to the Royal British Legion.

I don't know about you lot, but I think this is a lovely idea that will help everyone remember and honour fallen soldiers...

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

A great story

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Hope everyone had good weekends. I spent mine having a good look at some excellent Poppy Appeal activities taking place all over the UK, but more of that later!

Did anyone hear the story about veteran Alf Heywood? In 1942, while in combat during the Second World War, Alf plucked a poppy from a Tunisian battlefield and still has it 66 years later! He preserved it between the pages of his Army pay book, which turned out to be a very good idea as it's still managed to stay in one piece! Well done, Alf :)

Well, it's Monday so that means I am about to begin my Welsh tour! Catch me at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay at 10.00am. I'm going to be accompanied by Miss Wales, who I haven't met before but am sure will be lovely! I'm not going to let myself get nervous about this one....I promise!

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

Stay tuned!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that next week marks the start of my big Welsh tour - there's going to be lots going on and I certainly have a full diary, I can tell you!

First stop is going to be the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay....I hear I'm going to get the chance to meet Miss Wales! Oh dear, something else to get nervous about over the weekend!

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

Manchester launch

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Check out these images of the Manchester Poppy Appeal launch!

I was in town to see RAF veteran Ian Wood being presented his poppy by the Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester and also had the chance to meet Tom Eckersley who served in Bosnia 11 years ago.
Tom was helped out by The British Royal Legion when he discovered he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. He told me: “Having had first hand experience of how the Poppy Appeal helps those who've served in the armed forces and their dependants, I know the very real difference it can, and does, make to people's lives."

I admit I was incredibly touched when I heard Tom's story...It’s amazing how much difference a little support can make.

In this last shot I’m standing before a view of Manchester from the Hilton Hotel – I started out thinking it was a pretty marvellous sight...then I remembered I’m not fond of heights! If you look closely you can see that I look a little paler than usual here...

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

The red flowers are everywhere!

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I just had to share these fantastic images with you all - definite proof that Poppy Appeal fever really is spreading!

Look, there's Prime Minister Gordon Brown (looking like he's about to embark on some collecting! Good man), then we have Taunton MP Jeremy Browne paying a visit to some eager Poppy volunteers, and finally, a lovely pic of some Kemble school children really getting into the spirit of Remembrance! That's what I like to see! No one has an excuse not to get hold of a little red friend now...

Well, have to dash, I don't want to be late for my Chester appointment!

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

On the move again

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I had a very long trip last night as I made my way back to the UK from Iraq (take a look at this video! ) but I have so many important appointments that I just can’t miss!

It was quite sad leaving the troops behind, though I made sure that they knew we’d all be thinking of them up to and far beyond November 11th!

So, later this morning at 11am you’ll be able to catch me in Chester at Cape Thorn Hall. I’m going to be meeting Ken Barlow, or should I say William Roache who plays Mr Barlow in Coronation Street! Hope I don’t get the two mixed up…that would be very embarrassing.

Now I just need to shake off the last of this desert sand…it gets everywhere!

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

Some afternoon creativity

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Hello again,

I love it when children are inspired to make some poppy-tastic things at this time of year, so I just had to share this! have created a
special Remembrance Day section
on their website (thanks for that!) that lets children find out all about November 11th.

To let them get a bit creative they’ve also come up with some fun Poppy Appeal activities, including the chance to make your very own poppy! Just print off and follow the instructions :) I think even the adults might like to have a go...

Let me know how you get on if you do!

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

Serving those who serve

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Hello from Basra!

I can’t believe I’ve had the chance to come out to Iraq to launch the national Poppy Appeal for 2008! But it’s true, I’m here, and I can’t tell you how happy and how proud I am to meet with the British Armed forces. What a world away from the UK.

If you were up early this morning you may have caught me on BBC Breakfast. I was worried that I might have been a bit quiet, but apparently it all went down really well!

So you might be wondering why I’m here. Well, my friends The Royal British Legion and I want the British public to remember our Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan this year. Remembrance isn’t just about honouring those who fought in the two world wars, after all, but also about those who are still involved in conflict and the fight for peace. I guess I’m here to let them know that we’re thinking of them, and we're supporting them. It makes me sad that they might not know, you see.

The Poppy Appeal’s theme this year is ‘Serving those who Serve’, and I think that says it much better than me!

I was a nervous wreck when I found out that Hayley Westenra was also here – she’s a famous soprano, you know. I watched her give a wonderful address to the troops – she said she was nervous but she didn’t look it at all! She even wowed everyone with a few songs. I’m certain she helped raise morale; I'm not sure when these men and women last heard some live music!

What a day. More later!

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan