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The Buttonhole Battalion!

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I came across this great article online today. Anyone who’s interested in just how the 40 million (40 million!) poppies necessary for the Appeal are made each year should take a look! The Royal British Legion's Poppy Factory in Richmond-upon-Thames only has 48 staff and many components of the poppies, wreaths and commemorative crosses they make are put together by hand. That’s incredible, isn’t it? And imagine being responsible for creating the Queen's special five-poppy corsage for Remembrance Sunday!

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

Quickest London tour on record!

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I feel exhausted this morning after my tour around London yesterday, but it was fantastic to see so many supporters of the Poppy Appeal! I couldn't move without seeing red flowers on lapels, which is exactly what I like to see :) At Hyde Park I bumped into Susanne who was braving the cold to do some collecting - she also found time to entertain the children!

Did anyone spot me out and about? Make sure you send in your pics if you did!

Poppy Man

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Hey P Man! Maybe I'll see you

Hey P Man! Maybe I'll see you about, I live in London. Mike

Posted by weightwisecoach04

29th Oct 2008, 10:50   comments (0)

Hitting the capital

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Hi everyone,

I thought I’d let you all know that I'm taking some time out of my Welsh tour today (but I'll be back!) to go on a travel spree around London. I'll be visiting lots of well-known landmarks and having a good look at how well the Poppy Appeal is doing in the capital - I hope there will be a real mix of Poppy collectors out there - it's so easy to get involved!

Keep your eyes peeled for me and don’t forget to send in your comments and pictures...

Oh, by the way, here are some more snaps of me at the Exeter Races! Well, I wouldn't want them to go to waste...

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

Giant poppy!

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Gosh, the nice people in Wrexham have decided that they're going to show their support for the Poppy Appeal in a big way this year - by attaching an unmissable four-foot tall poppy to the local fire station's drill tower! This is one poppy that's definitely going to be attracting some attention! Wonder how far away you can see it...Thanks guys! :)

In my pics we have Wrexham firefighter Stuart Evans, a shot that shows just how difficult a giant poppy is to display, and a pic of me with the proud Mayor, David Griffiths.

Anyone else seen poppies in unusual places?

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

Leicestershire Launch

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A friend sent in some great pictures of the Leicester Poppy Appeal launch from the weekend. I went along to Victoria Park to watch army, air and sea cadets parade up to Lutyens's War Memorial - take a look!

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

Early morning reflection

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Well, it's another day (brrr, it's cold!) and I’m out and about taking a look at everything to do with our Poppy Appeal this year.

This morning I went along to the National Memorial Arboretum – it’s where you can see 150 acres of trees and memorials dedicated to Remembrance. It’s a great place to visit when you want a quiet moment or two to think about the British Armed Forces who are serving - or who have served - and you can even dedicate a tree to them!

I think what shocked me the most was the Memorial wall bearing the names of men and women who have died in conflict – a huge part of it has been left blank as it waits for more names of fallen soldiers to be added. I don’t think death this way should ever be expected or thought of as inevitable. It made me quite sad imagining future names going up on it.

I guess we just have to keep supporting our Armed Forces as best we can and hope that one day there will be no blank walls!

Has anyone gone to the Arboretum? I'd love to know what you think...

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan

Have a look at these!

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Hi again,

Well, I've been sent so many wonderful images from the weekend Poppy Appeal Activities that I had to put a few of them for you to see!

The first is a snap from the York launch on Saturday – that’s the Lord Mayor with his collection box and a fundraiser. The second picture hales from High Wycombe. This launch had a touch of sadness to it as local fundraisers held a tribute to Jean Hawes who died on the 16th, aged 76. Jean was a very special lady who had supported the Royal British Legion for more than 20 years and played a big part in setting up the Wycombe annual poppy parade. Without the support of people like Jean, the Royal British Legion couldn't really do what they do, so heartfelt thanks to everyone who gives up their time for this cause!

Last, but definitely not least, I've put up an image of the Worcester launch. I went along to the Guildhall where shoppers were literally stopped in their tracks for the two minute silence as bugles played and hundreds of paper poppies slowly spiralled down onto the street. It made a great atmosphere (it gave me goosebumps!) while we all spent this time thinking about conflicts past and present. You can take a quick look at the event here!

Wishing everyone the best of luck with their fundraising and activities - lets try and smash some records! :)

Poppy Man

Posted by PoppyMan