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It was a dogs life, especially when you were a twenty-something Jack Russell...

Unfortunately, just after 10.15 am on Sunday 27th November 2005, Polly Dog passed away quietly at the grand old age of 24.

It was my very great priviledge to have known and helped to look after her for nearly six years during which she became my uncomplaining loyal friend and confidant.

I miss her terribly and always will.

Fortunately she was also the (occasionally reluctant) subject of a large part of my digital photographic endeavours, and as a result I have a great many images to back up my happy memories of her. As I periodically browse them, I will post more here to share with you all, as a small memorial to my much loved and much missed friend, Polly Dog.

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6th May 2003

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...half-way around one of her favourite strolls, young Polly reveals
herself to be a closet Jedi Master...

mmmMMMMmmmm... Message from the dark side there is...

I find your lack of biscuits... disturbing....
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5th November 2005

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19th Feb 2006, 09:20   comments (0)


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19th Feb 2006, 00:10   comments (0)

20th September 2004 - A windy day in the garden...

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4th August 2004 - 4

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4th August 2005 - 3

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"Hey Dad! Its a bit warm innit...?"
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4th August 2004 - 2

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...and Streeeeeeeetccchhhh....
27th Dec 2005, 11:09   comments (0)

4th August 2004 - A stonking hot day, young Polly spent an hour or so sunning herself on the patio

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...and Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn....

27th Dec 2005, 11:08   comments (0)
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