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SNFU @ The Stage arnhem

SNFU, a canadian hardcore band, played in arnhem a while ago. they were crazy! the singer seems to like to use his middle finger alot.
24th Aug 2009, 17:13   comments (3)


Area51 is a massive indoor skatepark in an old phillips warehouse in Eindhoven. it was the first time i went there, definatly worth going there again :D a shame though, one of my mates broke his nose like 20 minutes after we got there, so most of the afternoon we were in the hospital
21st Jun 2009, 10:16   comments (3)

Scar7, Ashes of Many & Sharp End

one of the best hardcore shows i've ever seen, practictly right here in my backyard. extreme moshpits, wall of deaths and lots of crowdsurfing ruled the night :D
21st Jun 2009, 10:11   comments (2)

Getting ready for a saturday night out

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that's what i like about hardcore. no worries about hair chlotes or cologne, just grab a hoodie and go :) went to see Infektion (with a "K", yes.), Impalement (they were crap) and BRUTAL ASSAULT!!! *goes nuts* got a black eye in the moshpit, but that's just the risk you take when your'e stupid enough to slam-dance.
8th Mar 2009, 18:23   comments (2)

Goodbye, old stinky friend

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quit smoking since wednesday. so far, so good! starting to think that nicotine isn't addictive at all.
7th Mar 2009, 15:56   comments (3)

A lot of guitars

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went to doetinchem today to see nathalie, stopped at the "vriese music palace" it's a huge shop (like, as big as IKEA) full of guitars, bass guitars, amps, drumkits, piano's and all sorts of instruments and amps. might anyone here come to doetinchem some time, don't forget to take a look arround there :)
3rd Mar 2009, 19:00   comments (2)

Jennifer, really enjoying baking her own birthday-cake xD

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that's what happens if you take pictures without warning the subject first. Jennifer, a friend from school, came over today to bake a very "special" cake for her 17th birthday this saturday. Alvast van harte Gefeliciteerd :D
25th Feb 2009, 21:30   comments (0)


Yesterday i went on a trip to amsterdam with my close friend nathalie. We didn't actually do anything very exiting, just some shopping and the rest of the day we went to a park, the weahter was really nice =). thanks for a wonderfull day, dearest nathalie! =D
25th Feb 2009, 21:00   comments (1)
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