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Last night I had the pleasure of attending the WWE RAW Wrestling at Wembley!!!!!!

And the best bit? It was being recorded and will be shown on Monday Night Raw :o)
22nd Apr 2006, 22:09   comments (0)

Karate Kid

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My soon to be aged 5, daughter has now decided that she wants to take part in her Daddy's Karate Classes......

7th Apr 2006, 17:51   comments (4)


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Yesterday while in London I came across this lot doing a Peace Protest March or something.....
19th Mar 2006, 13:20   comments (1)

Smoke Signals

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Woke up this morning to see this cloud of smoke billowing from behind the houses.

Found out later that the local small industrial estate was on fire and they had to close down loads of roads near the vicinity and evacuate some people!
19th Mar 2006, 13:20   comments (0)

Little Miss Belle

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Today is World Book Day or something at my daughter's school. They are allowed to go to school dressed as their favourite character.

Georgia wanted to be "Belle" today from Beauty & The Beast. Bless.
2nd Mar 2006, 12:00   comments (1)


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This is my hair before being chemically straightened today....
2nd Mar 2006, 11:55   comments (0)


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And this is how it looks after :o)

Should now save on using the sodding straigteners all the time!
2nd Mar 2006, 11:54   comments (12)

Slutty Cat

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My cat Stitch being her usual slutty self.....
26th Feb 2006, 21:36   comments (0)