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A Model In The Making?

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She was waiting in the hospital waiting room with me and decided to show a very huge interest in reading "Vogue"

2nd Apr 2007, 18:24   comments (3)

Mummy's Little Helper

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This is what she was doing while I was hard at work in the garden!

The most she did was pick up a couple of handfuls of the stray grass cuttings and throw them. LOL.
1st Apr 2007, 12:59   comments (1)

Build a Bonfire....

(viewed 538 times)
Been hard at work in the back garden and this is only some of the rubbish! It's slowly building up ready to be burnt away....
1st Apr 2007, 12:33   comments (1)

St Paddy's Day

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Hahaha - forgot I took this.

Taken on St Patricks Day in the pub. We were getting "constructive"
31st Mar 2007, 21:50   comments (1)

Disco Girl

(viewed 669 times)
All dressed up for her Easter School Disco. An hour of peace.......
29th Mar 2007, 16:47   comments (3)


(viewed 717 times)
OMG - this just had to be the *best* cheesecake I've ever tasted. From the Cheesecake company I present you the Cafe Latte!

25th Mar 2007, 16:08   comments (6)


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How pretty does the rainbow look in the bleak sky? Now where's that pot of gold?
21st Nov 2006, 15:43   comments (0)

In Memorium

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All those years past, and the memorial to Diana and Dodi is still outside Harrods in London.
31st Aug 2006, 00:18   comments (0)