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Garden Rubbish

(viewed 677 times)
Yes indeedy - tomorrow will be bonfire day after spending a day in the garden trying to gut it as much as possible....
12th Sep 2007, 19:39   comments (0)

Double Yolker

(viewed 722 times)
Making lunch earlier today and this is what I found when I cracked open an egg. A rare double yolker!
12th Sep 2007, 19:39   comments (2)

Late Spring Clean Part 2

(viewed 713 times)
And the same corner now tidier - still needs to be cleaned up properly but that's enough for one day!
6th Sep 2007, 18:40   comments (2)

Late Spring Clean

(viewed 700 times)
This is just one little corner of my cellar - I've been to the dump with four car loads so far!
6th Sep 2007, 16:59   comments (2)

Talented Kitty

(viewed 776 times)
LOL - went up to my room and saw my cat in this position.

Wonder if I can sell her "art"? LOL.
30th May 2007, 12:51   comments (2)

Schools Out!

(viewed 652 times)
Waiting in the playground for my little darling to finish school for the day!
26th Apr 2007, 16:13   comments (0)


(viewed 746 times)
My ice box in my fridge!

I wondered why I was having problems shutting the door and that pic was taken a good couple of hours after I startd to defrost it. When I started there was no gap!
25th Apr 2007, 19:15   comments (2)

My Cat Stitch

(viewed 661 times)
On a rare moment where she's sitting still enough to have a piccie taken!
6th Apr 2007, 11:04   comments (0)
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