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A heartbreaking film containing Animals from around the world.

10th Sep 2004, 23:04   comments (1)


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Thats me having just been at the Wheeto's.

p.s Don't eat too much of the same cereal it gets boring.
12th Jul 2004, 22:19   comments (4)


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This is a film starring me and a girl called Rosie, with Rob directing. Made in like 3 minutes.

It's a film of love, pain and heartbreak.

You should watch it and feel all these emotions at once.

The hardcore version was edited out. What happened was Rosie ran after me during the music scene at the end and we made love in the middle of the road like...dogs.

True story.
11th Jul 2004, 22:08   comments (8)

Car Amp

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So me and Rob were just sitting around one time when suddenly Rob had some genius idea.

So he takes the guitar out to his car and plugs it in using the tape adaptor he uses for his iPod. Was a bit low in volume so he went and got his effects pedal which had its own power source and WOOOOOOOOAHHHHH WE HAVE CAR AMP!

So we took the Car Amp down to Southend Seafront infront of these big posh houses looking over the beach and 'Lawn Tennis Club'.

We made NOISE.

His speakers are now buggered, however.
11th Jul 2004, 22:00   comments (2)

Mental Mike

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He's big, mental, South African and he owns an Elephant.

So one day Mike decides he wants to Metallica for the camera during our lunch hour. So he takes me to a safe spot round the back of Tesco and does his 'act'.


Check out the way he keeps looking to his right to see if anyones watching him.

He's actually a very nice guy...
11th Jul 2004, 21:52   comments (0)

Ry Haven

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Blasting out the Both Way's, you know, as you do.
11th Jul 2004, 21:36   comments (0)