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Copenhagen - 8.3.07 - Kvindekamp Demo

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'Everyday is a fight day' reads the top banner.

Today was a peaceful demo, as you can see by the relaxed 'police' minus tear gas and shields.

A few thousand people took to the streets again to demonstrate despite the police having arrested 750 activists over the last week.

The Demo was for Ungdomshuset. Ungdomshuset was a peoples house, used for parties, food, music and housing since 1982 when Copenhagen Municipality gave the house to young squatters. In the past 25 years artists such as Nick Cave and Bjork has played in the house.

Ungdomshuset was build as a workers union house in 1856 and was for hundred year's hosting workers and women meeting. Lenin spoke here and the International Day for Women was founded here in 1910.

2 days ago the council knocked the house down after evicting the occupants last week and sparking the riots.
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welcome to Copenhagen. PVI

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Wonderful Copenhagen. It's not a police state It's very friendly.

See more:
7th Mar 2007, 21:45   | tags:,,comments (2)

Welcome to Copenhagen. PV

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The calm after the storm. The peaceful protest.
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Welcome to Copenhagen. PIV

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The 'Rioters!' opposite from the police, total concentration against what is wrong!
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Welcome to Copenhagen. PIII

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I like the way he is so focused on the riot that he doesn't notice me or my camera.
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Welcome to Copenhagen. PII

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Tales of the riverband

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Welcome to Copenhagen

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