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I am already known to the moblog community, as FF's Daughter No. 1, but she asked me to get one of my own so I did.

I am a student at Manchester. That's about all you need to know.

I generally reside at Myspace, but occasionally venture out into the wider WWW when I get bored.

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Its taking over the world!

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The Wall Of Randomness has grown! Am now on the lookout for new postcards/prints/exciting things to finish the little bit by the window...
3rd Mar 2007, 22:47   comments (7)

Its Saturday night...

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...and A. decides to snowboard in our living room
3rd Mar 2007, 22:41   comments (5)


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...I feel loved! But I took out our real names...
1st Mar 2007, 21:39   comments (8)

MiniFF is...

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...discovering taking pictures of a computer screen is hard. And also discovering that she passed her exams! Woo!
28th Feb 2007, 21:51   comments (15)

I went home this weekend...

(viewed 510 times) here are some more of FF's flowers
18th Feb 2007, 17:20   comments (6)

How to make J's pineapple dish...

STEP 1: Take one pineapple (glasses and cheesy grin optional)
STEP 2: Get a huge knife and chop it into quarters long ways, keeping stalks intact
STEP 3: Cut out the flesh and chop it into chunks, then put back onto the pineapple shell(kinda hard to explain)
STEP 4: Wrap leaves of stalk in foil
STEP 5: Mix together muscovado sugar and ground ginger (we used chunks of fresh ginger chopped into teeny pieces)
STEP 6: Cover each piece in the mixture by rolling it in the bowl and just generally making a mess
STEP 7: Put onto baking trays and grill for 10mins until golden and caramelised
STEP 8: Eat with fingers, making sure to accidently drop it in a tub of vanilla yogurt and having to fish it out on its way to your mouth
STEP 9: Repeat with another pineapple as its so good
3rd Feb 2007, 18:02   comments (9)

Dinner party

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So, yesterday I went on a voyage to J's, and we had tacos and her wonderful pineapple dish :D
3rd Feb 2007, 17:52   comments (3)


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2nd Feb 2007, 02:06   comments (14)