The Student Life of Munkeh

by MiniFF

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I am already known to the moblog community, as FF's Daughter No. 1, but she asked me to get one of my own so I did.

I am a student at Manchester. That's about all you need to know.

I generally reside at Myspace, but occasionally venture out into the wider WWW when I get bored.

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4th Apr 2007, 17:29   comments (6)

Even more London pics...

(viewed 763 times)
4th Apr 2007, 17:26   comments (2)


(viewed 709 times)
Who wasn't afraid of anything!
4th Apr 2007, 17:22   comments (3)

More London...

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4th Apr 2007, 17:18   comments (0)


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I went to London on Monday...
4th Apr 2007, 17:14   comments (1)

My new toy

(viewed 680 times)
So far, I have ascertained none of my housemates are dead.
16th Mar 2007, 11:35   comments (4)

Can anyone guess...

(viewed 900 times)
...what the theme for Wednesdays fancy dress is?
13th Mar 2007, 23:38   comments (43)

My new purchases...

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...are making me very happy!
1) New converse which I'm hoping FF or another family member will pay for for my birthday :P
2) A monkey I can call my own!
3) Sweeties as I gave up chocolate for lent and need sugar
13th Mar 2007, 21:53   comments (13)