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Book of the day

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I recently ordered "A Kiss in Time," which is a revamping of the classic Sleeping Beauty after she wakes up. I really like fairy tales and retellings, it's like one of my guilty pleasures.- uploaded by ShoZu
24th Jul 2009, 18:52   | tags:comments (0)

Adventures in hairstyling

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My first attempt at pin curls. My hair is naturally curly but usually ends up a frizzy unmanageable mess. Pretty!- uploaded by ShoZu
23rd Jul 2009, 19:52   | tags:comments (0)


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My fat, crazy cat back at the parentals house. She's like 10 years old and when I realized that I felt like way old cuz I raised her from a fist-sized kitty.- uploaded by ShoZu
22nd Jul 2009, 20:55   | tags:comments (0)

Gas-electric hybrid @ cabot bowling center

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I want one. :( So jealous.- uploaded by ShoZu
22nd Jul 2009, 19:29   | tags:comments (1)

I can't feel my face

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Dentist appointment.- uploaded by ShoZu
22nd Jul 2009, 17:31   | tags:comments (0)

Drive home

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- uploaded by ShoZu
22nd Jul 2009, 17:30   | tags:comments (0)

Just another mess

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Mess-mess lounging upon my now broken bookcase. Matt thought he could move it with the books still in it...We see how that worked out. And yet I blame Wal-Mart and shoddy craftsmanship, which is why I will be endeavoring to build my own. Wish me luck.- uploaded by ShoZu
18th Jul 2009, 05:32   | tags:comments (0)

Traveling poochies

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Saturday we spent more than 12 hours driving, five we the dogs in the backseat. Delivering them to my brother. From Jonesboro to Beebe to St. Louis to Jonesboro again. Too much road! We drove through an awesome lightning storm though...- uploaded by ShoZu
11th Jul 2009, 20:33   | tags:comments (1)