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Playing about with the camera today...

Took some pics with a Praktica DCZ6.8 rather than the camera phone...we've had this thing for a while, but I'm still a bit clueless with photography. Setting up the camera for conditions seems a bit of a minefield, but I'm getting there!

No main light in here at the mo due to electrical problems, so having to make do with an upright lamp for lighting.

Having to resize in MS paint, resulting in slightly pixelated images. Will have to have a look for some free image resizing software!

Would you like flies with that?

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It's like takeaway for cats...the leftovers of my dinner were being eyed up before they were even leftovers.

Someone who's becoming a regular feature of the blog is our cat, Kaitee. We took her in when she was no more than a couple of years old back in 1996. Now in her 'twighlight' years she's still up to as much mischief as ever. Including eyeing up my dinner on a regular basis.
3rd Jan 2008, 20:38   comments (0)

Thought I'd treat myself

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Nice cheap 19" Acer AL1916 - always wanted a TFT, finally have one :)
2nd Jan 2008, 19:16   comments (2)

Cat in a bag..

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We have no more bags, so she's taken to a flight box instead. Charming.
2nd Jan 2008, 19:10   comments (0)

As per the picture

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Hastily scribbled at some unearthly hour this morning! Hope it's been a good one!
1st Jan 2008, 07:24   comments (0)

Clearly no challenge any more...

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Whats the point of a jigsaw when this is how it tumbles out of the cracker?

Aren't they meant to be challenging for at least ten seconds?
1st Jan 2008, 03:23   comments (0)


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Idlewild @ Moshulu in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen on a cold December day

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In all honesty it's not much different to any day of the year. Still dull and grey :(

(figured out the multi-pics thing, cheers - I'll dig out the dunce cap!)
29th Dec 2007, 13:20   comments (0)