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An overview of map marker drawing

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Geo Map Drawing derives from GPS drawing, where people create a route on an online map which, when travelled, 'draws' a picture on a map. GPSdrawing is a lot of fun, but is a fairly solitary activity.

What we are doing here is related to GPSdrawing, but quite different. We are using the map markers you see on google maps to create the art, and each image requires people working as a team to complete an image.

The idea was first explored in an on and offline game called "What is the question?".

You don't have to have a gps device to take part, all you need is access to google maps and use of the platform here at Moblog. You can either join this Moblog group and add your creativity here, or you can create your own moblog and we can include your finished artwork on the site.

If you think this sounds like fun, check out the "How To" page to your left.

Posted by Alfie

30th Oct 2008, 22:33   | tags:,comments (0)


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I've had a weird old life. I can be scatty and unfocussed. When I was a kid I had very bad ADD but back in Johannesburg in the 70's it wasn't that well understood or noted so I was left largely untreated. As I got older I got better. One day I asked my Mum why she didnt just put me on pills or something and she said "oh darling, I thought that was just the way you were.".
Somehow I really loved that answer, thanks Mum.

Posted by Alfie

27th Jul 2008, 13:53   | tags:comments (5)


(viewed 649 times)
I love robots. But that's only because they're demonstrably robots. I
don't think I'd dig robots that much when you can't tell the difference
between a human and a robot. Although I bet the sex would be good. If my
girlfriend was a robot I don't think I'd want to know.

Posted by Alfie

27th Jul 2008, 13:51   | tags:comments (0)


(viewed 608 times)
Lighters, like scissors, are often nowhere to be found. Even though you
*know* you have dozens scattered around the house. 9 times out of ten
when you find one it doesnt work, and in frustration you light your
cigarette off the hob.

If aliens were sending sentient sentinels to keep tabs on the social
habits of earthlings it would make sense to disguise them as lighters,
scissors or socks; they see so much of our lives and we think nothing of
their constant disappearances. Think about it..

Posted by Alfie

27th Jul 2008, 13:50   | tags:comments (0)

Weird Tales of The Ramones

(viewed 617 times)
Jule gave me this soon after we first met. I was helping her move house
and wondered at it. It has a limited edition comic that goes along with
the entire discography. It's the kind of thing I'd have traded my soul
for as a teenager.

Posted by Alfie

27th Jul 2008, 13:48   | tags:comments (0)


(viewed 563 times)
I can't believe there's no easy way to recycle old batteries in the UK.
Eveyone uses batteries. Everyone has empty batteries. Bad.

Posted by Alfie

27th Jul 2008, 13:47   | tags:comments (0)

Reporter style notebook

(viewed 610 times)
I have many of these, they litter my desk. I often feel bad about not
using both sides, but when you do you can see whats on the back which
somehow annoys me.

Posted by Alfie

27th Jul 2008, 13:47   | tags:comments (0)

A Handy Knife

(viewed 641 times)
I love my handy knife. I can't carry it around anymore though. If you
got caught with it in your bag in London you may even be charged.

Posted by Alfie

27th Jul 2008, 13:46   | tags:comments (1)
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