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Another guitar acquired

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This is getting silly.
20th Aug 2006, 20:16   comments (0)

Saturday Evening Back Home in Edinburgh

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(1) The cat had an operation. Aww.
(2) Dad's new toy. It's so pretty.
(3) STEVEN SODERBERGH!!!! WOOOO!!!! At an EIFF talk I was at. Also, John Hurt was there and walked right past me. It was amazing.
(4) Went out for a pint with my old schoolmate Chris, at the pub his girlfriend works at. Lock-up fun was had.
20th Aug 2006, 11:08   comments (0)

Ibrox: Desolate

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I think those are the only trees for miles...
18th Aug 2006, 20:24   comments (3)

Day off

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(1) Teflon's report from the newly re-opened Kelvingrove Museum failed to document this little curio. It's a haggis. Plenty of nearby kids were fooled.
(2) Shoes on a phoneline. No substitute for Snakes on a Plane.
(3) Kelvingrove. Mmm.
17th Aug 2006, 18:06   comments (2)

The day at work

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(1) This is one for people who know me. Look! I'm wearing a shirt and tie! Blue, so Rangers fans don't murder me on the way home.
(2) After living in the west end for four years, I forget that most of Glasgow looks like this.
(3) My window at the Rangers FC ticket centre. My new job. Comes with complimentary stab-proof screen.
14th Aug 2006, 17:33   comments (0)

Other Business Ventures of Insane Window Cleaner

Colin Elliott has entertained me for some time now. These are just a few of the mad flyers we've received from him. My ex-flatmate had three of his 'Doo-Wop Group' flyers framed.
13th Aug 2006, 14:31   comments (2)

Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

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(1) Rory thinks his shirt is cool.
(2) I wonder what the crap in the bottom of Kelvinbridge underground is composed of...
(3) Given all the price rises, I think this should be Morrisons new slogan.

And my god I want a better camera on my phone!
13th Aug 2006, 13:59   comments (3)

Insane Window Cleaner

(viewed 2068 times)
12th Aug 2006, 16:34   comments (6)
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