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Damn youths in hoodies... They're all up to no good. Throw 'em all in jail before they're even born!

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2nd Sep 2006, 11:56   comments (0)

Morrisons. Sucks.

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(1) Morrisons have no chicken. And only have the 6 litre mega-bottles of milk left. And have run out of just about everything else.
(2) This is a massive tailback at the checkouts because their credit card system crashed. Again. I was there for twenty minutes!!!
(3) And when I got home, I found out that this is their idea of a fresh onion.

They've turned me into an irate consumer! I hate irate consumers!!!
31st Aug 2006, 18:16   comments (3)

Leeds Festival

(1) It's good to be at a festival. The crowd was hummin'.
(2) It may look like a crowd waiting to watch a band, but it's actually the queue to get into the arena.
(3) I know this is a dodgy photo, but it's hilarious. See that drunk man passed out in the grime by the wheelie bins? He's not passed out, he's sending a text message.
(4) The Fall don't seem to have many fans. So Morven had plenty of dancing space.
(5) Festivals still rule when you're in a party of two.
(6) The blurry white blobs on stage are Wolfmother. Who were very good.
(7) That series of red-white blurs is Muse. Again. They were better than they were in Edinburgh.
28th Aug 2006, 16:01   | tags:,comments (1)

New Guitar Toy. Woooo!!!

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28th Aug 2006, 15:59   comments (1)

Fearsome Predator

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26th Aug 2006, 09:22   comments (0)

Muse @ T on the Fringe

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(1) Mmm, festival pint.
(2) Only four and a half hours before they're onstage.
(3) MUSE!!!! MUSE!!!! VERY BLURRY MUSE!!! T'was an excellent set, and may I just say that Starlight is the best. song. ever.
(4) Pahtlor
25th Aug 2006, 10:43   comments (0)

A slow day at work

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25th Aug 2006, 10:43   comments (1)

Match Evening

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(1) They gave me a PDA to check peoples season tickets with. I wasn't expecting it to be enclosed in a small tank.
(2) Blue shirts everywhere.
(3) Mounted Police: awesome. Especially when they scare away angry neds who would otherwise chib me.
23rd Aug 2006, 22:13   comments (0)