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I'm a mobile photo-factory.

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Why would a football club want a picture of a man climaxing on the front cover of it's magazine?

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21st Sep 2006, 17:34   comments (0)

The Automatic @ The QMU

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19th Sep 2006, 00:09   comments (0)

Freshers Address Setup

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19th Sep 2006, 00:09   comments (0)

Sitting in the Principal's chair. I should be in charge.

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19th Sep 2006, 00:08   comments (0)

Morven eats like a chipmunk

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19th Sep 2006, 00:07   comments (0)

'Hilarious' office e-mail distributed in Comic Sans

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12th Sep 2006, 17:58   comments (2)

Didn't know this bridge could do that...

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I cycle over this thing every day on my way to work. Wasn't expecting to find it vertical.
11th Sep 2006, 22:19   comments (0)

Office Games

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The game is: the words and phrases on the post-it's must be used in conversation with customers by close of business at four p.m. Those that are not said by this time must be worn on the face.

Some of the phrases sucessfully used were:

morbidly obese
still born
rank hose beast
rich tea
cat food
lady garden
11th Sep 2006, 22:15   comments (0)