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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 33 Ladies with big jugs ......

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Paintist and young SLG
Thought that it would be fun
If we all photo blogged our jugs
For the delight of everyone.

Size and shape don't matter,
And nor do age or hue,
Just get them out and show them,
We'd really like you to.

Let there be no confusion,
I must just make it clear
Our jugs are all ceramic
(No nasty fleshpots here!)

Have been having fun showing a friend the delights of photoshop.

I actually have a lovely cat cartoon jug that Jenny (Alex's mum) gave me for my birthday, I will blog it when I get my camera back.

Unashamedly Alex Blogging .. Sailing on ......

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We said a final farewell to Alex this afternoon.. It was a lovely humanist service .. The crem was packed out .. standing room only!.. I said a few words, took a few quotes from the blog .. many thanks to Swamprose, Hildegard and Parabolichobo ...I used their words ..... Thanks also to Dhamaka for attending ....I know this has been said on many an occasison, but she really is a most lovely lady! ... Thanks from Alex's family for all the support given by the blogging community ... I have relayed all emails to Jenny and Tim
15th Jan 2007, 16:30   comments (14)

No. 32 Promoting good ELF ....

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Our Alex was a lovely lad,
With a wicked sense of fun,
He loved to laugh, he loved to joke
He really was A1!

Now, Alex loved his music,
He also loved to sing,
He had the voice of an angel,
Without the angel bling.

If he were here with us right now
I know he'd sing a song
And dedicate it to all of you
Who helped to keep him strong.

I've conjured up a virtual band,
(with a virtual song to play)
To help promote the charity
That helped him day to day.

So if you have a bit to spare,
(it need not be today)
Give what you can, and when you can,
...or I'll get the band to play!

ELF (the Elimination of Leukaemia Fund), is the charity chosen by Alex's family as the charity they would like to benefit from donations in Alex's name. ELF is locally based in South East London. Not only do they fund research, but they also give practical day to day help by buying such things as small personal fridges etc for the rooms of patients with cancers of the blood. ELF have a special relationship with King's College Hospital (the hospital that was treating Alex) and give significant support for the work done by the Haematology department. Alex loved the Haematology team at King's, you might well remember them from his nurse and doctor blogging.

If you do visit the ELF website, you will see that it is very 'basic', Jenny (Alex's mum) says that Alex would have volunteered to redo the site (he was really getting into web design). I could be a bit 'previous' with this, as ELF would first have to be asked, but if there are any web designers out there that could spare the time to volunteer their services, I think it would be a very fitting tribute to Alex. I am just testing the water with this, so if there is anyone interested please email me using the 'contact user' facility.

Alex's funeral is on Monday 15th Jan at 11.30 at Honor Oak Crematorium in South East London. I will be saying a few words about Alex and the blog.

The Elimination of Leukaemia Fund (clicky)
11th Jan 2007, 18:14   | tags:,comments (35)

Alex Saville (neutropenicalex)

(viewed 3706 times)
I am sorry to inform you that Alex died peacefully early this morning.
For all of you that have been following his blog, you will know what a lovely, bright and intelligent lad he was.
His family would like you to know that "he was very peaceful at the end and was surrounded by people who love him.
Thank you all so much for all of your support for Alex. Knowing that you were all thinking of him was a real comfort to him......"

edit: From Jenny (Alex's mum) ... "Thank you so much everyone. Alex so much enjoyed blogging and reading other people's blogs. We all realised that there are a lot of really lovely, kind and supportive people out there- strangers who had become Alex's friends. We will try and put a proper final entry on Alex's blog when we are able. "

Our thoughts are with his family ....
love and peace here for Alex's blog ...

No 31. Leeds is the centre of the universe .....

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Leeds is the centre of the universe
Or so they like to think,
The capital of Gin and Jaffa Cakes
(And other types of drink)

They say there is a crisis
With pies all but sold out.
Joe was in a panic,
The Fox did scream and shout.

The son of Crick worked his magic
Water turned into beer
Just like the loaves and fishes
The pies did reappear ..

So raise your glasses everyone
And give a little cheer ...
And wish yourselves the very best ....
A Happy Moblogging New Year!
31st Dec 2006, 19:28   comments (48)

Big Thanks to Dhamaka ....

(viewed 2083 times)
Met with Dhamaka and Spike for breakfast last week .... it was my birthday
and D gave me the most lovely pressie, an Edward Monkton notebook ..... it
is just wonderful (cos I love Edward Monkton) .... have been using it for
ideas for my next Moblog cartoon .....Big thank you hug to D ........ :-)
27th Dec 2006, 19:24   comments (20)

No.30 To all Mobloggers, wherever you may be .....

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To all Mobloggers
Wherever you may be,
I'd like to send you all
A Christmas wish from me ..

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy Christmas Holiday!

Edits: OJ was quite right I should have named people .... So from left to right:

In the pink hat, looking longingly at the roast turkey is Puddlepuff (he is on a diet right now),

Next is Helen, I just love her hair! ...

Dhamaka reaching for the star .... (and we all know she will get there....)

Nige, mouth open and swinging from the lights .....

Daz, I really wanted to use people I hadn't done before and there was such a lovely pic of Daz on the blog (I haven't done her justice here, I can asure you) .....

The Awesome Haired Joe reaching for the pint ....

The bottom shot is meant to be Alfie, resting after a hard day's media whoring and serious nice guying (he was very much a last minute addition in order to balance the pic) so I will not be surprised if you do not recognise him ..... and seriously, he really is a very nice guy!

Oh yes, and a very big thank you to Moblog .... a lovely, caring community with such a wealth of talent ..... OK, that's it, I am beginning to sound a little luvvie ....

No. 29 The Parabolichoho ho ho's ......

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The Parabolichobos
Are all set for Christmas cheer...
Mrs Hobo with her earplugs,
Mr Hobo with his beer ..

And all the little Hobos
Will sing and dance and play....
It is sure to be the most
Riproaring Christmas Day .....