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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 66 There was a celebration .....

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There was a celebration
In the home of the Hobos,
I posted a pic of them
In a somewhat comic pose.

But then in some confusion
(I am more confused than most)
In an attempt to revise it
I deleted the birthday post.

So here it is again
Complete with cake and beer,
I just hope that this time
It remains forever here.

It was Swampdonkey's birthday (and Swampdonkey and Parabolichobo's anniversary) last Sunday, I posted a celebratory pic, but accidentally deleted it while trying to revise it (I was multi tasking at the time, my daughter, who is currently working on a summer project in Costa Rica, signed in to instant message) sadly, I never got round to reposting, and as Swampdonkey missed it first time round I thought I better put it back up .....

No. 64 Joker365 is all bear .....

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Joker365 is all bear
For his daring Dailyme
The others are not so bold
As you can plainly see ...

Mr. Kyoob goes bear headed,
Helen has two bear feet,
Nige you'll find bear arsed and
Mikey has a bear faced cheek ...

Inspired by this pic on Joker365's blog ......clicky...

No. 63 Mat is really buzzing ....

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Mat is really buzzing
Through physiotherapy,
Murphy's place in Norwich
Is the switched on place to be ...

They soon will have you wired up
(but their charges will not shock)
for if you need paingating
The Murphys really rock ...

Stimulated acupuncture's
Now the current trend,
A quick transfer by chip and pin*,
Will have you on the mend....

I couldn't resist this after reading Mat's latest post


and flipping 'eck it's good to see Nige backpain free ....

* I was going to say a shilling in the meter .... but no one under 50 would remember that .....

No.62 Sprocket in a barrel ....

(viewed 1603 times)
Sprocket in a barrel,
Harry in the air .....
I love a barrel chest
And spiky punky hair ....

.... inspired by Sprocket's barrel pic and Harry's jumping pic ....
25th Jul 2007, 19:58   | tags:,comments (19)

No.61 Moblog is slightly crazy .... Part 2

(viewed 1586 times)
Harimanjaro got me thinking ......

No. 60 Moblog is slightly crazy ....

(viewed 1618 times)
Moblog is slightly crazy
I think you will agree,
Dhamaka climbing lamp posts,
Like a monkey up a tree.

Hari balancing on his bike,
Like an acrobatic clown,
He's hoping that his bike wont slip
And really let him down.

As SLG does surf the turf,
Which gave us all a laugh,
Our Nige is doing handstands
And shows a well turned calf .....

Haven't had much time for blogging this week :(
..... hope to catch up over the weekend :)

No. 59 Baggie Boy and Filbert Fox ....

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Baggie Boy and Filbert Fox
Deserve a great big YAY
For sheer determination
And triumph on the day ...

They battled the elements,
Laughed, cried and sweated blood,
With Foxy 'talent' spotting,
They rode the rivers of mud ....

Just wanted to congratulate FF and BB on their charity ride last weekend :)

Oh, and BETH:

It arrived bright and shiny,
And wrapped up in a bow
- I'll have to blog it later,
-my batteries are low!

picked up the package this morning ..... thanks so much, it is brilliant .... just what I wanted .... will email you later :)
6th Jul 2007, 16:11   | tags:,comments (15)

No.58 Sprocket has his 'hopper out .......

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Sprocket has his 'hopper out
And he loves to have a play,
It really makes him happy
As he bounds along the way ...

Nige assumes the position
That he likes to now and then,
Hands on his shiny tackle
That's the envy of most men ...

And when our Springy Sprocket
Comes bounding through the grass
If Nige is not more careful,
he'll be bouncing on his arse!

Just about made it today. This is a little bit of a cheat as I have used stuff from previous ones .... really should do the linky to Sprocket's post from yesterday (on which it is based), but am a little weary .....
29th Jun 2007, 20:44   | tags:,,,comments (22)