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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 74. Seven of Mine (or, 'You Will be Simulated')

(viewed 1332 times)
I was so impressed with Tori's
83rd slice, 'Recursion'
So much so that I thought I'd
Draw my cartoon version .....

Early this week because I am off to Leeds tomorrow morning for Beth's Opening Night :)

Oh yes, and apologies to any Trekkies for the title .....
27th Sep 2007, 19:59   comments (17)

No. 73 Beth has an Exhibition .....

(viewed 1396 times)
Beth has an exhibition,
I'm sure it will be a delight,
In the Sela bar in Leeds,
It opens next Friday night ....


Mobloggers are bound to be there
Our Nige will be rocking by
Wearing his dangly earrings
And showing a well turned thigh*....

I've got my train ticket booked
And I'll be there on the night
I just need to find a map,
And get my directions right!

*OK, not sure about the thigh, but Nige has promised to bring the bling ;)

...... really looking forward to this :)

Have removed dog,

21st Sep 2007, 11:44   comments (42)

No 72. Yet more Fun with Films(ish) ....

(viewed 1502 times)
Think the person involved might have already gone ......

edits: Nige was right, I got the number wrong .... sorted now :)
14th Sep 2007, 16:48   comments (22)

No. 71 More moblog fun with films ...

(viewed 1762 times)
Same as before, can you guess the film, the mobloggers involved and do a linky to the film poster it is based on ......

edits: And now with added moon for Alicat9 :)

No. 70 Moblog's having fun with films ...

(viewed 2550 times)
Moblog's having fun with films,
I thought I might join in,
I'm pretty poor at guessing,
I know I'll never win ...

This is a Moblog version
Of a film that was a hit,
(I really only chose it
'cos the faces seemed to fit)

Just a bit of silliness ..... name the film, name the mobloggers featured, and if you can do a linky to the actual poster it was based on I would be grateful ('cos I can't do that sort of linky) ...

No. 69 Trampolines and ice creams .....

(viewed 1674 times)
Trampolines and ice creams,
Large doses of summer fun,
Keep us fit and bouncy
And we hope, forever young.

SLG has two big ones,
540's is quite soft,
Dhamaka's is firm and round,
As she holds it high aloft.

Sprocket's are in his holster,
Though I'm sure he'll whip one out
And offer you a tasty lick,
(Of that I have no doubt!)

Inspired by comments made by Mandy on Whose Shoes blog and some lovely trampolining shots on James's, Essitam's and Frog 51's blogs .....

No. 68 'Twas a year ago today .....

(viewed 1628 times)
'Twas a year ago today
That I posted my first cartoon
(Joe, the Weather God) was the
First victim of my lampoon.

I just want to thank you all
For being such good sports,
Suffering my raillery
With good humour and kind thoughts.

Well, a whole year of cartoons and doggerel, and I have to say that I have enjoyed my Friday morning silliness, it's been fun! So thank you Moblog :)

Also want to wish young 'Private Ryan' a Happy 3rd Birthday!

No. 67 SFG is stuck in bed ........

(viewed 3237 times)
SFG is stuck in bed,
He's had a nasty fall,
(He really must remember
To release the bowling ball) ...

With all joking put aside,
I hope he soon recovers
And the swelling soon goes down
That lurks beneath his covers ...

Get Well Soon SFG ! ... Wishing you a speedy recovery, I hope that the cartoon is not a true representation of what it is like ......