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Knowledge pursues me but I am faster.......

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.......

.......One day, we will look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.

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No. 82 When Nige drops in ......

(viewed 1492 times)
Couldn't resist the follow up ....... am spending a nice relaxed Friday night in .....

No. 81 Keeping with the theme .....

(viewed 1500 times)
The shadows are all mobloggers ......

9th Nov 2007, 15:45   | tags:,comments (15)

No. 80 The Jump Club ....

(viewed 2360 times)
November is the month,
According to our Nige,
That should have us all jumping,
So please, dear friends, oblige.

International jump month,
Mobloggers don't be late,
(As far as I'm concerned,
I think I'll hibernate!)
2nd Nov 2007, 13:29   | tags:,,comments (27)

No.79 Halloween is upon us

(viewed 1312 times)
Halloween is upon us,
Cobwebs and ghostly dust,
Bat droppings in the belfry,
Door hinges left to rust.

With double duster action
And his fairy at his feet,
When it comes to cleaning up
Our Sprocket can't be beat!

Just put him in the scary house
And in a blinding flash,
He'll have it all spick and span
.... just let him have a bash!

Prompted by Sprocket's comments on a previous post of mine (No. 78 It's just that time of year).....
30th Oct 2007, 20:53   comments (10)

For Bronx Elf, Tim Roosen at the opening of the Strychin Gallery, London

Dropped in on the opening night of the Strychnin Gallery in East London on Friday, the opening exhibition, Kings and Queens and Childhood Dreams, had a couple of Bronx Elf's friend, Tim Roosen's artworks on display ... I met up with my sister (who lives locally) and went early, hoping to get the chance to see and photograph the exhibition ... however it filled up so quickly that I didn't get the opportunity to do either properly ....

1. Shhh .. The wasp queen wanted to keep this a secret ... but she failed ... The gallery was packed just half an hour after opening ... Wasp Queen by Virginie Ropars ...

2. On arrival

3. 'Royalty in Exile' one of two Tim Roosen artworks .... afraid I could not do it justice as it was hung very high up on the wall ...

4. The only shot I managed to get of Tim Roosen's other piece before the crowds descended ...

5. Close-up of the above .....

6. The crowd ....

7. I managed to grab a few minutes chat with the artist himself ...

No. 78 It's just that time of year ........

(viewed 1391 times)
This moblogger is such fun
(He also can be scary)
Do not cross him on the road
(Of his MAN hood be wary)

He loves sport, with odd shaped balls,
He loves his beer and tucker,
A smart and loving family man
A right nice friendly _ _ _ _ _ _ _

As to the film's title,
You'll know it, never fear,
Just think of scary faces,
It's just that time of year ....
26th Oct 2007, 15:00   comments (23)

No. 77 Another Moblogger Film Poster Poser ....

(viewed 1608 times)
Looking through the listings,
A poster caught my eye,
For some bizarre reason
I'm reminded of this guy.

A regular moblogger,
Whose faces are not few
(one more than a handful)
Each with a different view.

Raised to the third power
(this Mr's really nice)
I think you might well guess it
(His shape's as cool as ice).

As to the film's title,
I'll give you just one clue,
This man's known for his babblings
(and that will have to do).

Am busy all day tomorrow so am posting early again ..... don't know how you dailymes do it ... a weaklyme is hard enough!

Another moblogger film poster poser .......
18th Oct 2007, 21:22   comments (25)

No. 76 For Sprocket and Swamprose ....

(viewed 1630 times)
M ollusc
O verwhelmed
B y
L evel
O f
G astropodophile's
U nstinting
K indness

Inspired by Sprocket's snail rescue post ...clicky...
..... and Swamprose's wish to see Sprocket in full superhero regalia :)

Early this week 'cos I am off to the dentist's tomorrow morning :(